"Let's Have a One-on-One Debate" --Challenger Nixon To Cuomo

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Challenger Nixon. YouTube.

It’s been more than two months since I first agreed to debate Governor Cuomo one on one – and he still hasn’t committed to a single debate.

Now, we’re hearing that Cuomo may agree to one debate -- but only if it airs at an odd time and on a station where very few New Yorkers will be able to watch.

You see, the Governor wants to limit the number of people who can see us debate, for the same reason he wants to limit the number of people who can vote in the primary -- because he knows he’s out of step with the vast majority of Democrats in New York.

Unlike Andrew Cuomo, I want as many New Yorkers as possible to be part of this process, and I want them to know exactly what I’ll do when I’m Governor.

I want to talk about my plans to fully fund our public schools, achieve 100% renewable energy, and fix our broken subway; to end voter suppression, pass single payer health care, and stop the mass incarceration of communities of color.

Because the fact is, most New Yorkers want that kind of bold progressive change. And Andrew Cuomo doesn’t.

So when the Governor refuses to have a real debate – remember why he’s doing it. Because he doesn’t want New Yorkers to know that they have a real choice.

Four years ago Andrew Cuomo not only refused to debate his opponent -- he refused to even shake her hand. But he knows he’s not going to get away with that this year -- not after what happened when Joe Crowley skipped a debate.

So here’s what I’m proposing. A minimum of two debates - one upstate, and one in New York City. Both in primetime.

Because New Yorkers deserve to know where we stand.

So what’s it going to be Andrew? Your move.

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