“Africa Unite For Haiti” Fundraiser Bonds Diaspora

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This fundraiser brings together the African Diaspora community, businesses involved with Africa, friends of Africa and well-wishers to support Haiti.

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Two prominent New Yorkers will host a chic soiree on June 23, 2011 from 6-10 PM at the Sunroof Terrace, 217 East 96th Street, in New York City, to raise funds for the Global Syndicate and its Haiti Project.

The hosts for the evening are New York Neurosurgeon, Dr. Muri Raifu and Ms.Busie Matsiko-Andan, founder of Pont Global. Both said they were delighted to be working on this event together, and to help raise funds for Haiti, a country they both admire, not only for its rich history, but also for the courage and solidarity of its people.

With their African heritage and western experiences, having been educated in the West and influenced by both worlds, they feel a deep connection with the Haitian people. They are well known in various New York circles and have organized this fundraiser to bring together the African Diaspora community, businesses involved with Africa, friends of Africa and well-wishers to support Haiti.

After the January 12th earthquake last year in Haiti, when more than one million people were left homeless and more than 250,000 perished, a plethora of people wanted to assist due to all the media coverage. Now, many people have forgotten about Haiti. This cocktail soiree offers New Yorkers an opportunity to show continued support for the challenges facing Haiti currently. “My burning desire to affect people’s lives both individually and collectively is what sustained me through the years. The challenges that people in the developing world face is dear to my heart as I spent much of my early life with the same challenges. This event gives me a chance to give back and play my small part in the rebuilding process in HAITI,” said Dr. Muri Raifu.

Ms. Matsiko-Andan shares similar sentiment: “This is the duty of our generation, to celebrate our kinship with other nations including Haiti. We must increase our awareness of the people, culture and issues that affect others as we strive toward global solidarity. This event is not just about Africans helping Haitians but Africans helping their fellow man.”

This festive evening sponsored by Voss, Madiba Restaurant, Diversity Affluence, Africa.com, Stellekaya, Pont Global, Yerba Buena, Africa Starr Rum, Golden Crust Caribbean Bakery & Grill, Adiree PR, Poise and Perfection Events, Face 2 Face Africa, and produced by Pont Global with Poise and Perfection Events- will celebrate the sights, sounds and tastes of Africa and the Caribbean.

VIP Tickets are $150 per person and Limited General Tickets are $75 per person and can be purchased here or by calling 917-620-6780. Proceeds will benefit The Global Syndicate and its Haiti Project.

The Global Syndicate, a 501(c)(3) organization, is an expansive collection of friends and business associates located across the world with a shared vision and concerted passion to impact issues that plague humanity.

The Haiti Project is a nationwide fundraising and awareness campaign that provides immediate lifesaving and sustainable life-enriching services to the people of Haiti. Led by The Global Syndicate, this collaborative effort brings together celebrities, politicians and donors for a series of events throughout the year.

Proceeds from these events and accompanying initiatives directly support these nonprofit organizations that are committed to improving Haiti’s future including: Project Medishare/Global Institute, Ciné Institute Edeyo and Hollywood Unites for Haiti.

For Tickets: Pont Global 917-620-6780 or bmatsiko@gmail.com
For Sponsorship Inquiries: Annette Davidson for Poise & Perfection Events 973-342-0099 or Annette@poiseandperfection.com
For Media Inquires: Paula Naggaga for Pont Global,
646-492-2730 or pnaggaga@gmail.com

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