32-Days After Murder: Zimmerman Still Free

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Police Chief Lee said he did not have probable cause to arrest George Zimmerman after he killed Trayvon Martin in cold blood. Lee was not interested in probable cause nor arresting Zimmerman that night or any other night. Lee is an embarrassment to law enforcement.

[The Trayvon Martin Killing]

becomes problematic when the public information office withholds the
truth creating a form of a coverup after a crime has been committed. Two weeks after the murder, I asked the Sanford Police spokesman, "Can
you tell me, who was the first officer to respond to the crime scene?"

“I don’t know,” said Sergeant David Morgenstern.

When I
could not get any answers from the Sanford Police Department, I called Mayor Jeff Triplett’s
office.  His secretary took my information and Mayor Triplett called me
himself.  I learned he was only a part-time mayor and did not have
powers to suspend or fire Police Chief Bill Lee. Mayor Triplett was the only
Sanford official to answer my questions about the Trayvon Martin murder. 

The City Manager, Norton N. Bonaparte, Jr., who has official
oversight and the power to hire and fire, did not return my calls. Bonaparte did not release any information to the press until I
questioned his office about it.  His response to the death of Trayvon
Martin is very weak.

Sanford, Florida is a small town, which
continues to find itself in the news relating to some of the most
egregious race issues. It has been 32 days since perpetrator George
Zimmerman, 26, murdered Trayvon Martin, 17, in cold blood.  Still no arrest.

What we know from the 911 tapes -- the
first responding officers had their flashlight on looking around in
the grass while Trayvon’s lifeless body lay face down in the grass. This
shows, the Sanford police was looking for a weapon and the only weapon
on the scene was owned by George Zimmerman. Trayvon only had a soft
drink, a bag of skittles and approximately twenty-one dollars – where
was the crime?

On February 26th, Trayvon Martin was clearly
denied equal protection under the law. In the aftermath of his murder,
the crime scene was corrupted, Zimmerman was arrested and that arrest
was voided at the Sanford police station, and he may have gone home with
the clothes he was wearing, which was important evidence.

world has heard the 911 tapes.  From what we all know and what has been
reported in the different media outlets. I am going to go as far to
say, in the Trayvon Martin case – Chief Lee Jr., the
Sanford Police Department (SPD) and the Sanford District Attorney’s
Office (SDAO) are corrupt as hell. Trayvon Martin lay face down
in the grass with a nine-millimeter bullet in his chest with no medical
assistance and no mention of such to this day. Lady Justice also lies
on her face and somewhere I read, “Justice delayed is justice denied.”
  We have witnessed the Sanford criminal justice system being controlled
by sworn agents acting like criminals.

Every report handled by the SPD in the Trayvon Martin case should be considered suspect. Before
you can have a crime, “Intent,” has to be present.  According to
Black’s Law Dictionary, intent is “A state of mind in which a person
seeks to accomplish a given result through a course of action.” Trayvon Martin’s
race, being a young African American, played a major role in his murder
and Zimmerman’s neighborhood friend confirmed it. “This was the perfect
storm,” Frank Taafee lamented on behalf of Zimmerman.  “George was fed up with the eight
burglaries in the community within 15 months, most done by young black
males.”  Frank failed to give a description of the so called, young Black males. Were they all slim built standing at 6 feet, 3 inches
At the news conference in Sanford, I forwarded a question that was asked on my behalf of Chief
Lee: ‘Where is the gun used in this case?"

“We have the gun.  It is
being checked for ballistics,” Lee stated.  However, I learned that the
perpetrator still has the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin.  

I continue to investigate the SPD, it is clear the SPD has made itself a
party to the Martin vs. Zimmerman case.  SPD’s own investigations are
mostly in favor of George Zimmerman; who is not a policeman or member of
the SPD. Yet the SPD appear to have a nexus to Zimmerman.

it comes to deadly physical force the states have laws, which a
law enforcer must follow. The key word is "authorization" to use deadly force, which
is given to trained civil servants under article 35 of the Penal Law. Although George Zimmerman had a license to carry a concealed weapon, he
was not authorized to use deadly force and should not have been armed while
patrolling the Retreat at Twin Lakes as a neighborhood watchman.

Florida "Stand Your Ground" law, appears to have been misapplied in the
Trayvon Martin case and there are other statements being leaked, which
coincides with articles of the Penal Law. This law does not apply to
Zimmerman because he is not a policeman.

I contacted the
Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the office, which
issues concealed weapon permits – to find out when was George Zimmerman
issued a license.  “We can neither confirm nor deny that a person has
applied for or received a concealed weapon license,” stated Sarah
Criser, Deputy Press Secretary, who quoted some Florida law as well.

Trayvon Martin’s school disciplinary record could be made public –
there’s no one quoting any Florida laws to protect the victim. This is
how this case has been going after Zimmerman decided to let that bullet
discharge from his weapon.

To properly look at this case, you
have to stay with and listen to the 911 tapes, which George made
possible.  You hear how his voice sounds and how he is describing his
prey.  Just before George ends the 911 call, he is no longer the Captain
of the Neighborhood Watch – he becomes "the" Captain and tells the 911
operator to have the responding officers call him on his cell phone when
they arrive. George was never in fear of his life.   
In the
Trayvon Martin's case, I am beyond asking for justice, but together we
shall demand that perpetrator George Michael Zimmerman be arrested and put
in the custody of the Sanford Correctional Facility Commissioner.  Mothers
across this nation are taking a hard look at their sons in the wake of
Trayvon Martin's murder. Can I dare ask, what is the value of an
African child?   
Police Chief Lee said he did not have probable
cause to arrest George Zimmerman after he killed Trayvon Martin in
cold blood.  Lee was not interested in probable cause nor arresting
Zimmerman that night or any other night. Lee is an embarrassment to law enforcement. 
more evidence in the case is viewed, it pokes holes in the earlier
reports submitted and backed up by the Sanford, Florida officials. Will
additional evidence amount to an investigation of the Sanford police
department and any member who may have trespassed against their oath of
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