A Rally In Defense of "Like It Is"

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We are not asking you or your organization to help CEMOTAP; we are asking you to help yourselves and our mutual struggle.

[On Empowering Media]

To: African Poetry Theatre, National Association of Kawaida Organizations, United African Movement, New Black Panther Party, African Nationalist Pioneer Movement, Patrice Lumumba Coalition, National Action Network,  Million Man and Women March Coordinating Committee of Queens, and the December 12th Movement, Take Back WBAI, Black Panther Party, Family and Friends of Dr. Mutulu Shakur, Comrades of Sekou Odinga, Nation of Islam, sons of Afrika, Daughters of Afrika, First World Alliance, Ancestor House, WADU, Republic of New Afrika, Peoples Organization for Progress and all African Community organizations and institutions.

You or Your organization in the past has stood with CEMOTAP and the African community in the defense of Gil Noble and "Like it Is." We know that you are still with us and request that you come out in force to Thursday's demonstration.

It is the only way that we will save the one glimmer of communications that our community has on TV. Based on the last three shows broadcast in the "Like It Is" time slot you are never likely to see coverage of the lynching of Moumar Gaddhaffy, the trial of Bloomberg and the Education department or any of the other issues of importance to our community and your organization.

This program is like the river of communication that flows through each of our organizations. It is important for us all to defend that river even if we have contradictions with each other and especially if we do not. We are not asking you or your organization to help CEMOTAP; we are asking you to help yourselves and our mutual struggle.  At a minimum these are the things we request that you and your organizations do in order for us to be victorious.

What You Personally Can Do:
1. Distribute this information on your e-mails and Facebook accounts. Those of you with 5,000 friends we need you to click all 5,000 of them. A poor turnout on Thursday will embolden this arrogant racist Dave Davis, who says he never heard of Imhotep Gary Byrd, to believe that he can bulldoze a de-Africanized program into Gil Noble's time slot.
2. Come or send a representative to the Demonstration/Press conference we will have on Thursday October 27 at 12 Noon in front of WABC at Columbus Avenue and 66th Street in NYC.
3. Bring 10 to 20 people with you.
4. Call WABC TV and let them know your organization supports our demands (212) 456-7000. Ask for Dave Davis.

The Demands:
1. Imhotep Gary Byrd as the host
2. Community Consultation on the naming and ongoing production of the show that replaces "Like It is."
(The title "Like It Is," legally belongs to Gil)
3. REPARATIONS--Especially for the family of Elombe Brath. Elombe Brath, Gil Noble's right arm, got a pittance from WABC for his years of service to the station and now lies in a vegetative state in a Nursing home due to ill health
4. Reparations for censoring the remarks about political prisoners that Councilmember Charles Barron made in the taping of the show first broadcast on October 16th as a so called "Tribute to Gil Noble." WABC must also make compensation for lying about how the exclusion of the remarks happened. Davis claimed the remarks had been destroyed by a computerized timer during the taping.
Yet after the community protested this censorship, WABC broadcast the destroyed remarks in full on the second airing of the show on October 23, 2011.  How did the destroyed remarks suddenly get undestroyed?
Only united community struggle in defense of our collective interests got Barron’s remarks returned to the program. Only community struggle will un-destroy and save the spirit of "Like It Is."

Contact: The Committee to Eliminate Media Offensive to African People (CEMOTAP) 718-322-8454 347-907-0629 

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