Abortion Equates to Murder

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I believe that abortion=killing and abortion +rape=killing, any way you put it, a heinous act has still been committed.

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A few days back, I had lunch at a charming Spanish restaurant in lower Manhattan with a few of my acquaintances. I did wonder if the laid-back atmosphere augmented with subdued yellows and reds had anything to do with the lack of tension radiating after a rather heated discussion.

Between bites of, grilled fish, yellow rice and beans, the issue of abortion came up. In most cases I choose to sit back and let others dish out their opinions when it comes to frontline issues; in this case I had to make an exception.

First and foremost, I am completely against the act of abortion. In-order for individuals to understand where I am coming from I must say that my standards may not be comparable to others, because I use the Bible as a basis for my beliefs in addition to valid reasoning. Whether or not I feel I they should be imposed on others, is a completely different story.

Abortion in its simplest meaning is the termination of a pregnancy. Technically, when one is in a pregnant state the creation of life has already been put into action. Structure for life occurs instantly and body parts are formulating within two weeks of pregnancy.

I have listened to many opposing views stating, “You are taking away human rights. Why should a woman not have control over what she can and cannot do with her body?”  

My rebuttal would be, “Why should a woman, be allowed to take a life of a being who has no say in the process? Why should a life, be cut short involuntarily? Why should murder be legalized?”

“Should a person have the 'human right' to take the life of another?” The last time I checked, human rights entailed life, liberty and freedom of expression; who gets to protect the rights of the baby in regards to abortion.

The Bible clearly states, “Thou shalt not kill.” This command given for Christians to follow is not to be broken just because a Christian “feels” in their own heart that it can be compromised.  In supporting abortion, I would be personally diminishing value to God’s command.

Many times I try to stay as consistent as possible with what I believe, consequently, I believe that circumstances, whether good or bad, should have no bearing on the principles that you set for yourself. Some may see me as cold and callous for what I am about to say.

To intensify things one of my associates brought up the issue of rape in conjunction with abortion at the lunch-outing.

Before I get started, I would like to say that I am in no way trying to discount the pain and anguish attributed in falling victim to this act. I have gotten into side conversations with Christians who say they believe the Bible and would not take the issue of aborting a baby into account, when it comes to rape. In this case I would see the Christian to be contradicting.  

I believe that abortion = killing and, abortion + rape = killing, any way you put it, a heinous act has still been committed.

While sipping on a cool drink of iced-tea, one acquaintance at the lunch said that completely loving a child can be hard in this circumstance. “How can you show love to someone who is possibly the product of the most terrifying experience in your life?”  She also added that this could prove to be detrimental to the upbringing of the child.

In my defense, I think that excusing abortion due to the abuse the mother suffered makes the average human being appear weak.  When you say that it is okay to abort a child because of a rape, you are saying that the victim to this act is liable to remain a victim for the rest of their life.

They are so powerless that they are incapable of gathering adequate strength to give love to, and raise a child produced from this form of abuse; I find that to be a complete insult to those who have fallen prey to rape. In this case you are minimizing the potential of human will to overcome adversity.

In opposition to popular thought, I choose to remain true to my principles regardless of circumstances, although some of my acquaintances may not. I actually find it sad that many cannot be consistent with what they believe. Contradiction ultimately stems from inconsistency.  

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