Americans Have Rejected Republicans’ Message Of Doom

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The millions of Americans who are now unemployed and aren’t able to keep their homes surely would prefer Obama’s stimulus package rather than the message of doom from people like Morris and Limbaugh.

[On Rescuing Our Economy]

Republican attack hound Dick Morris has outperformed even Rush Limbaugh with crazy logic.

There is a good reason why the Republicans lost the last election. If they continue with their bone-headed opposition to President Obama’s plans to create millions of new jobs, then they will lose even bigger in four years and become an irrelevant party.

This is what Morris writes in his column, "How To Beat The Stimulus Package." He advises Republicans to defeat President Obama’s proposal the same way they "beat it when Bill Clinton proposed a modest $35 billion stimulus in the teeth of the 1992-1993 recession."

"The GOP nitpicked each spending item and highlighted midnight basketball courts and swimming pools that were funded in the package," Morris writes. "Clinton, for his part, didn't really care what the money was being spent on, he wanted to be sure it was spent to give the economy a boost before he cut spending and raised taxes to balance the budget. So, the president accommodated all of the pet projects of Democratic lawmakers. The resulting publicity made the package radioactive."

Of Obama’s $819 billion stimulus proposal to rescue the economy, Morris adds, gleefully, "The package is losing support almost daily. According to Rasmussen, only 42% of Americans now support it. The key is for the Republicans to attack its specific line items to show how overblown it really is."

Some Republicans, like Morris and Limbaugh, have lost their minds. They are working to defeat Obama’s proposal, just because they cannot stand the fact that he won the election; they’re not concerned by the fact that had the Bush-Chaney-Republican regime not destroyed the American and much of the global economy, there would be no need for the stimulus package in the first place.

Sadly, most media are not taking the Republicans to task on this score.

More than 100,000 jobs have evaporated in the last two weeks; hundreds of thousands more may go in the coming weeks; in the past year and a half, nearly three million jobs have been lost; home foreclosures at a record high; deficit spending has broken all records; and the Republicans are gloating about their ability to embarrass the new president instead of working with him to fix the mess created during the Bush years.

Oddly, Morris himself unwittingly summarizes the Bush-Chaney-Republican Party failures when he writes: "In the seven years between 2000 and 2007, the money supply rose from $600 billion to $800 billion. In 2008, alone, it more than doubled from $800 billion to $1.7 trillion! We cannot sustain this level of increase in the money supply without having way too much money chasing way too few goods and services, sending prices up into double digit inflation."

The only question was where was all this moralizing commentary when the Bush-Chaney-Republican Party nexus was creating the disaster Morris now laments about?

Have you no sense of decency at all Morris?

"While the economy is in shell shock, at the moment, we face deflation," Morris adds. "But once it begins to come back and the dollars come out of hiding, we will find the resulting inflation intractable and very difficult to cure."

Morris wake up! The economy won’t "come back" without a major stimulus. In fact the $819 billion will likely be the first of many such stimuli required before the economy bounces back. Who is worried about inflation? People like Morris, and Limbaugh, with well-paying jobs where all they have to do is attack President Obama.

The millions of Americans who are now unemployed and aren’t able to keep their homes surely would prefer Obama’s stimulus package rather than the message of doom from people like Morris and Limbaugh.

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