Apartheid Libya: Killing Africans With Impunity

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The killings in Libya are even worse than the atrocities committed by the Apartheid regime in South Africa; in terms of direct murders.

[Letter From A Reader]

The  U.S. played a central role in NATO's war against Libya, which included the slaughter of Africans by Benghazi vigilantes, therefore President Barack Obama's Administration bears responsibility.

While the Nation of Islam was involved in a rally in New York opposing the war --Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke-- one wonders about the total silence by other Black organizations-- The NAACP; The National Urban League; etc. Could it be that the leaders are so enthralled  by President Obama that they're willing to turn a blind eye to the slaughter of Black people in Libya?

President Obama has never aggressively addressed the interests of  the Black community; so why do these major organizations hesitate to denounce  the racist killings in Africa by the U.S.-supported Benghazi vigilantes? I would like to believe that large demonstrations by Black people outside the White House and the United Nations will draw the president's attention.

Also, why should the president take it for granted that he will get strong support from Black voters in the 2012 elections.
Most Black people hold Clarence Thomas in contempt; he is seen as harmful to the interests of Black people. There seems to be a double standard in dealing with the president.

When was the last time Africans in Africa were targeted for killing just for having black skin? The killings in Libya are even  worse  than  the atrocities committed by the Apartheid regime in South Africa; in  terms  of  direct  murders.

Why are African nations such as Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Ethiopia, and others groveling before the United States instead of coming to the defense of those Africans being slaughtered in Libya? One point to ponder is that colonialism never really ended in Africa.

The Soviet Union decided  to disband --it did not collapse-- to join its kith and kin; the West. Afterwards, the West resumed, as before, the direct vicious exploitation of Africa with the help of corrupt African leaders and governments. The African faces shamelessly replaced  the colonial faces of the past.  So what's the point of Africa being  independent--all  that  blood  and  imprisonments of  courageous  Africans--if it's all a big sham?

If African  leaders  were serious  then they would have long ago heeded  Kwame Nkrumah's call  for  "collective  security" and established a continental security apparatus along the  lines of  NATO. One for all; all for one.

Had such a structure existed, African troops could have been dispatched to Libya to repulse the mercenaries who invaded the continent through Benghazi. NATO never would have dared to invade Africa.

African Americans made the United States and the world a better place by fighting and demonstrating for racial justice. They paved the way for the election of a man of African ancestry as president and supported him overwhelmingly with their vote.

How were they repaid? Africans are being murdered in Libya. Where is the concern for the "legal" murder of Troy Davis and the racial angst  felt  by  Black people on all fronts--economic  and  political?


"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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