Black Youth Need Encouragement Not Whining

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Hold President Obama accountable; but it's absolutely ridiculous to go out of one's way to slander the most powerful role model that our young people have in the world today.

 [Beneath The Spin] 
I’ve been so aggressively out
front in my criticism of Tavis Smiley and Cornel West that I decided
that I needed to draft a formal statement     explaining why I’ve embraced
this issue so passionately. 
I could also add Boyce Watkins to
this mix, but he’s so anxious to play with the big dogs that at this
point he might consider it a compliment. 
The primary problem
that I have with Tavis and West has nothing to do with their criticism
of President Obama, as they would have the world believe is the
motivation of anyone who disagrees with them. The problem that I have
with them is their selfishness and hypocrisy. They have a single-minded
agenda of promoting their own interest at the expense of the Black
In addition, I’m sick to death of so-called
brothers who engage in and promote Black-on-Black hatred (bligotry).
That’s been a blight on the Black community for over 400 years, so it’s
past time for us to bring it to an end once and for all.  
it’s both sickening, and embarrassing, that these “brothers,” who
profess to be enlightened intellectuals, are so steeped in hatred that
they fail to recognize the historical stupidity of their behavior. Yeah,
I know - “They’re merely speaking truth to power.” The only problem
with that claim is that they seem to have only found their tongues after
George W. Bush and Dick Cheney left office. 
Smiley, West, and
their supporters are suffering from a serious case of projection.
They’re so fixated on the politics of Obama-hating that they’re
completely oblivious to the gross stupidity of their behavior, and they
insist that anyone who’s critical of them is merely an Obama cheerleader
or defender, but that’s simply not the case. When my son and daughter
were teenagers they had a phrase that perfectly summed up the
allegations of these people - they’re stuck on stupid.  
criticism of Obama has absolutely nothing to do with the Black
community’s growing antipathy towards these two. An ever-increasing
number of Black people are critical of Tavis and West because we see
them for what they are: snake-oil-selling, demagogues. We consider their
behavior self-serving, counterproductive, and detrimental to the Black
community - period. 
Young Black people have heard enough
whining. They need to be educated,about who they are and what they
represent, and then inspired to,reach for their full potential. That's
what the community should be focused on - that, and educating the
community to be more politically astute in order to more effectively
promote our political agenda. 
Of course we should hold
President Obama accountable, just like we would any other politician,
but it's absolutely ridiculous to go out of,one's way to slander the
most powerful role model that our young people have in the world today.
We shouldn't even have to,tell that to anyone who professes to be an
intellectual,,and if we do, both their motives, and intellectual
credentials, should automatically be suspect. Common sense 101. 
Smiley and West are so fixated on their own self-interest that they’re
completely ignoring that fact, and I suspect there are several reasons
for that.  
First, they’re seeking the fame and fortune of being
seen as the primary spokesmen for the Black community. Secondly, they
have an intense hatred for Obama fueled by jealousy, envy, and the
feeling that they’ve been snubbed.  
And finally, since Barack
Obama has completely overshadowed them as president, their egos demand
that they try to ride into history on his coattail as the people who
"forced" Obama to do right by the people, which, of course, is
So their actions have absolutely nothing to do
with the poor; it’s all about promoting their own self-interest and
soothing the pain of their wounded egos at the expense of the Black
community - and that's disgusting, that millions should have to suffer
to assuage the the hurt feelings and envy of two oversized egos. 
anyone who needs clear evidence that the,activities Tavis and West are
self-serving, and have absolutely nothing to do with the well-being of
the poor, need simply ask Tavis the following question: “Tavis, since
you’re such a big promoter of ‘accountability’ and what’s in the best
interest of the poor, were you accountable, and concerned enough about
the poor, to return any of the millions of dollars that you reportedly
made from the Wells Fargo 'Ghetto Loans' scam to the poor Black people
who lost their money and homes?”  
Personally, I’m not privy to
any information suggesting whether or not Tavis returned any of the
money, but considering his character and greed, I feel completely
comfortable in saying, I doubt it. But that's a question that needs to
be put to him, and if he didn't return the money, considering his
position on 'accountability,' my next question is, "Why not?" 
addition to that, as deluded as these two characters are, they should
both have sense enough to recognize that the most important aspect of a
young person’s ability to cope with adversity is,his or her,self-image.
And one of the big differences between Black kids and others is, Jewish
kids are taught that they're "God's chosen people," and White American
kids are taught that they're the greatest thing to ever walk the Earth.  
Black kids are being taught that they're helpless victims whose
well-being is in the hands of others - and since, we are what we think,
that's what many of our young people are becoming. So it's time to stamp
out that message, and correct that image. 
But, of course,
Tavis and West would simply glaze over everything that’s been said here
and continue to repeat their mantra that they're fighting for the
people. But I don't accept that for a minute.  
Again, what
they're actually fighting for is the very lucrative job of spokesmen for
the Black community. Tavis has proven that a,many times over with not
only his involvement in the Wells Fargo’s "Ghetto Loans" scam, but also
with his association with a number of corporations that were members of
ALEC  , including Walmart. ALEC is a powerful conservative advocacy group
that worked behind doors to get laws to benefit corporations.
the Black community needs to bring this self-serving nonsense to an
end. We should start by boycotting everything, and everybody, associated
with Tavis Smiley and Cornel West.  
Did you hear that Boyce
Watkins? You think you want to run with the big dogs, but sooner rather
than later the Black press is going to realize that they’re being
unforgivably remiss and on the wrong side of history by not more
aggressively covering this gross assault on the Black community. 
Once they recognize that fact, Dr. Watkins, you may find that you’ve latched on to the Titanic. 
"Speaking Truth To Empower." 

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