Clinton Stupor And Guillotine Politics

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[Black Star News Editorial]


Now that Senator Barack Obama has categorically denounced Reverend Jeremiah Wright, as the majority population of the United States wanted all along, maybe we can get back to the issues germane to this presidential campaign: The Iraq war that’s already claimed more than 4,000 American lives, perhaps more than a million Iraqi civilians, with an estimated $3 trillion tag that includes the cost of servicing the interest, and the opportunity cost of missed economic investment in the U.S. economy.

The sideshows have been helpful to both Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator John McCain; voters who oppose the war seem to have forgotten that these two senators both voted to authorize the war.

The U.S. economic meltdown can be directly tied to the real and opportunity cost of the Bush-Cheney-McCain-Clinton war.

Bill Clinton, the master of sleaze and sleaze politics, applied his Machiavellian genius weeks ago. He intimated corporate media when he denounced the media houses and falsely claimed, red-faced and finger-wagging, that they were treating Senator Obama with kid gloves.

His wife, Senator Clinton then took the baton and ran with it: assisted by Tim Russert, the talk show host who thinks he’s more intelligent than he actually is; Clinton prodded Senator Obama about what another human being had done----Louis Farrakhan’s words of praise for Obama.

This racist tactic is only used against Black politicians in this country. It was not enough for Obama to say that he had never sought the endorsement ---- the implication from Clinton and Russert was that Farrakhan, an American citizen, could not express his own free unsolicited opinion; and that Black people can't have views that are independent. And to think that we used to deride the former Soviet Union where the state attempted to control people’s thought processes.

From that point, the progression was natural and inexorable. Farrakhan; Jeremiah Wright; and William Ayers of the weather underground.

Nothing to do with the election issues.

Yet, a masterful Soviet-McCarthyism display of demonization politics. The Soviets used to denounce people who were not “loyal” to the Supreme Presidium and who did not wear a Communist flag pin or carry a pocket sized edition of “The Communist Manifesto.”

The Clinton’s in their brilliant way, aided by sycophants like Russert and George Stephanopoulos, both of whom played the same role that Pravda used to play in the Soviet Union, have managed to paint Obama as a possibly “disloyal” American (the Soviets referred to such disloyal people as “counter revolutionaries” and marched them to the Gulag or firing squads).

Ironically, the Soviet suppression of thought and the intellectual tyranny imposed was also facilitated by the best Russian media pundits and social commentators—all acting under a mob mentality. Perhaps reporters are now searching for more people that can "denounce" Obama.

So rather than dealing with the credible legitimate issues, such as the Iraq war and Senator Clinton’s shortcomings and lack of credibility as exposed by her Bosnian lies, voters have been duped and terrified into questioning whether Obama is some sort of Czarist reactionary counterrevolutionary.

Rev. Wright, a man who holds two masters degrees and a doctorate, was intelligent enough to do his part to slow the Clinton machinations last week by falling on a sword—he knew that for Obama to stand a chance against McCain, he had to completely repudiate his spiritual mentor.

The irony is not lost here. Senator Clinton has maintained her own relationship with a man who many believe is a deeply flawed pervert for his repeated peculiar actions, using a cigar with a certain young woman. Yes Senator, we do get to choose our relatives sometimes.

If the Clinton’s could have their way, perhaps they'd prefer that Obama be led to the political guillotine for his presumed "disloyalty. That’s actually the only way Senator Clinton could gain the nomination.

Hopefully, after voters repudiate the Clintons, enough of them will awaken in time from Clintonian stupor and insist that the candidates in the general election focus on the issues.



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