Corrugated Box Producer Expands

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“This state-of-the art BHS Corrugator equips us with the technology to take our business to the next level,” noted Al Fuller, President and CEO of IPC.

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Someone forgot to remind Integrated Packaging Corporation (IPC), the maker of corrugated boxes,about the economic slowdown.

The company,
which services many Fortune 500 brands, recently opened a new, $10 million, 90,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in New Brunswick, New Jersey. 

The plant will house a new high-tech BHS Corrugator machine which provides IPC with its distinct competitive advantage and serves as a cornerstone of the company’s “NuWay” mantra.

The company plans to create more than 30 new jobs in the New Brunswick area; it will have the capability to triple output; it will create an environmentally sustainable manufacturing process; and, the NuWay facility positions IPC at the forefront of innovation within the packaging business.

IPC is led by the respected industry veteran Carl Tinsley, who has assembled a diverse NuWay management team spanning nearly 150 years of combined experience in the field.

“NuWay is not just another facility that produces paper, it’s a testament to the progressive way that IPC conducts business–focusing on technology, upholding our trademark customer service quality and most importantly leveraging our fantastic employee base,” said Tinsley, who is Vice President of IPC.

“This state-of-the art BHS Corrugator equips us with the technology to take our business to the next level,” noted Al Fuller, President and CEO of IPC.

“We’re extremely excited to have this facility online, create new jobs, and give back to the local community that has been our foundation for so many years.”

The new BHS Corrugator will create operating efficiencies in the box manufacturing process for IPC and provide the capability to make higher quality custom packaging for the company’s base of blue chip clients, including PepsiCo, Pizza Hut, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Sarah Lee and Glaxo Smith Kline.

The innovative pressure belt design of the BHS machine creates a higher caliper--thickness measurement--sheet of paper that is much stronger than most boxes created today.

Leveraging multiple types of flutes, which create variable types of corrugated board, the NuWay plant also provides IPC with
additional flexibility to seamlessly modify its production set up to meet an ever-changing set of customer needs.

With the ability to operate 24/7 and the fact that the machine produces a wider sheet of paper at a much faster rate, the NuWay facility will increase product output by 100%, and further ensure on-time delivery of client orders.

While output and order fulfillment will be enhanced through the new equipment, the corrugator will be an integral part of IPC’s effort to maintain an environmentally sustainable manufacturing process that reuses waste materials by sending them back to the paper mill to create new recycled paper.

IPC has a history of bringing award-winning innovation and customer satisfaction to the corrugated paper industry. 

In 2008, Procter & Gamble recognized the company as its “Minority Business Enterprise Company of the Year” for their hard work, dedication and commitment to customer service. 

IPC was founded in 1992 by Joe Wilson and Al Fuller. The largest owned and operated African American corrugated manufacturing business in the U.S., IPC has facilities in New Brunswick, N.J., Detroit, Alexandria, La., and a permanent and temporary point-of-purchase, point-of-sale display company, Integrated Display Company, in New York.


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