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“I love to sing on stage and hear the audience appreciating my talent,� Cyann adds.

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Where She’s From: Cyann Ribeiro was born and raised in Somerville, Massachusetts and grew up very near to her elementary school, with parks and convenience stores around her.

“My parents were very strict so I didn’t go out much or stay out late. But I had a good time when I could,” Cyann tells The Black Star News. “They were strict about taking care of things at home before going out, and I still do today in my own apartment in East Somerville.”

Cyann went to public school—Somerville High School, and graduated in 2004. She went on to Bunker Hill Community College and John Casablancas Modeling and Career Center, where at age 15 she started modeling.

Where She’s At: “I would consider this to be the beginning stage of my career even though I started at 15. That’s because up until I was 19, I still wasn't sure what type of model I wanted to be or what kind of modeling I wanted to be doing,” Cyann adds. “I am also a singer and songwriter, so I wasn't sure what was going to come first for me. I've decided to go ahead with both at a good pace for me.”

“I love to sing on stage and hear the audience appreciating my talent,” she adds. “I love runway shows because I’m showcasing clothing and me. I want to win over millions of fans like Tyra Banks in modeling and Aaliyah in singing, but in Cyann's way.”

“It’s so very important to be smart as well as beautiful, because you never want to be known as just a pretty face,” she continues. “Looks can only last so long.Knowledge is something so much bigger, so much stronger, and so much more

“Being from a low income family and not always having the money to go here or there and be seen,” Cyann says, when asked about some of the challenges she has faced while growing up. “Also a big challenge in this industry is knowing who's really in it for you or who's out to get you. Not everybody's your friend and sometimes you wish they
were, so it’s hard to notice the phonies.”

So how does this young beauty prepare to step out?

“I use Johnson & Johnson baby lotion for my body and Nivea cream for my
face. I wash my face with anything really, I have good skin I guess, but I have been using Aveeno foaming facial cleanser as of late,” Cyann says. “I just started using Dove body soap, because of the lotion in it, and I love to feel smooth to my own touch. My favorite name brands are Guess, DKNY, and Baby Phat, when I can afford them. But I'm a
Marshall's shopper and I love my J-Lo perfumes.”

Cyann’s Words Of Wisdom: “Misery loves company. So if your company is miserable, find new company.’
Cyann’s Secrets Of Success: “Optimism.’
Cyann’s Favorite Three Movies: “The Long Kiss Goodnight, Deja Vu, and Never Been Kissed.”
Cyann’s Favorite Three Books: “TripTych, Judge & Jury, and Weapons of Mass Seduction.”
Three Leaders That Have Most Inspired Cyann: “Martin Luther King Jr., Maya Angelou, and Hilary Clinton.”
First Three Things Cyann Would Do As President: “Build more homeless shelters; cut taxes for lower income families; and work to lower gas prices.”
Cyann’s Favorite Cars: "I live in Boston so almost anything with AWD is cool with me. But I love my car which is a Toyota
Matrix XR AWD, and I also like the Audi A6 quattro. Both great for the crazy weather of Boston. Oh, and I can't forget the new Range Rovers."

Cyann’s Five Favorite Entertainers And Songs: “Aaliyah- One in a million; Alicia Keys- Like You'll Never See Me Again; Mary J Blige-I'm going down; Tupac-Keep Ya Head Up; and, Gwen Stefani-4 In The Morning.”
Cyann’s Five Favorite Websites: “,,,, and”

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