Do Cornel West And Tavis Smiley Engage In Bligotry?

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Could it be that, just like White racist, they just can't stand the thought of a Black man living in the White House?

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Cornel West not only lacks common sense and limits, but he’s extremely selective in his professed disgust.

West is never short on words when it comes to denigrating high-profile Black people. He's publicly criticized Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Rev. Al Sharpton, Jay Z, and of course, his favorite target, President Barack Obama.

But when it comes to his good friend and associate, Tavis Smiley, and his involvement in Wells Fargo's victimization of the Black community, he's been curiously silent. He spare Smiley. Yet he's heaped attacks on other prominent Black individuals: Could this be the result of "bligotry"; Black-on-Black racism?

Let's take a look at that issue.

After the atrocity against the poor and minority community committed by his good friend, Tavis Smiley, which I outline in an earlier article, instead of addressing that issue, West found the time to try to throw ice water on the most auspicious moment in Black and American history; by complaining about Barack Obama using Martin Luther King’s Bible to take the oath of office.

Even if West’s criticisms of President Obama were true, the use of Dr. King’s Bible wasn't a tribute to Barack Obama; it was a tribute to Dr. King. So what is Dr. West truly upset about?
It is also curious that West’s supporters, the very people who are most critical of what they call President Obama's "failure to do enough for Black people," are extremely defensive about what Tavis Smiley has done TO BLACK PEOPLE.

Consistency dictates that if they’re angry with Obama, they should be FURIOUS with Tavis Smiley. But instead, they look for excuses to defend what Smiley has done to the Black community.  

Why is that? It sorta makes one wonder what is the TRUE source of their hostility towards the president. Could it be that, just like White racist, they just can't stand the thought of a Black man living in the White House? That is exactly the problem. It doesn't matter what Black person is elected president, it wouldn't be long before these people would turn against him.
Thus, bligotry does exist. As we've pointed out many times before, Black people are the product of the very same racist environment as White people, so many of us are just as racist towards other Black people as any racist Hillbilly. So in order to address the issue, we've got to see it for what it really is. And no, it’s not self-hatred.
People who suffer from bligotry don’t hate themselves at all, and neither do they, necessarily, hate other Black people. They simply look upon us with disdain, and they think that we're beneath them. That’s why such people think they’re qualified to tell the Black community what to think in the first place. They've convinced themselves that they're an intellectual aberration that an accident of birth has caused to be held back. So they feel that they have every right to use other Black people to advance themselves to their rightful place in society - thus, Tavis Smiley and the Wells Fargo Bank scam, and indeed, many, but not all, Black preachers.
Herman Cain described their attitude best when he said, "I'm a brother from another mother."  They think they're cut from a different clothe than other Black people, and are, therefore, superior. That's why many such people hate President Obama with a passion, because his very presence is a pie in the face of their delusional reality. And that is exactly the case with Tavis Smiley, and, Cornel West.

So yes, bligotry is real. Think about it; how many of you know Black business managers who treat White employees better than they do Black employees?  Most of you know of such people I would think, because the business community is filled with such people.

In fact, many businesses and large operations have incorporated Bligotry into their business model - the U.S. Postal Service in particular. They routinely place bligots in middle management to do their dirty work, because they know that it’s next to impossible for one Black person to file a successful discrimination case with the EEOC against another Black person.

So the Black community needs to take a very close look at the fact that Tavis Smiley and Cornel West weren't nearly as hostile towards George W. Bush and Dick Cheney as they are towards President Obama. That’s an undeniable fact; it is so true, in fact, that they’re the darlings of Fox News, and they're often featured on Republican websites.  
And here’s another fact. Tavis Smiley has to be one of two things - he’s either a demagogue who cares so little about the Black community that he knowingly colluded with Wells Fargo Bank to defraud poor and minority borrowers, or he’s too dumb to go around trying to advise Black people in the first place, and especially when it comes to what’s in our best interest.

As for Cornel West, the mere fact that he‘s chosen to remain silent on this issue speaks volumes regarding both, his credibility, and, his so-called “love for his people.”
But it’s hard for Black people to get a handle on Black-on-Black racism: Yet such people exist and have picked it up from the American experience in the very same way that they learned to embrace their religion, and other uniquely American traits. So again, Black bigots are real.
If you still question the concept of bligotry, however, think about people like Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, and Allen West.

Either one of those gentlemen would support sending urban Black people back to Africa in a Minnesota minute. And when you put Cornel West's militant rhetoric aside, his actual behavior is also quite telling. While he pays plenty of lip service to how much he "loves his people," he's never taught at a Black school in his entire career and his attacks on President Obama is filled with enough racial innuendo to do any member of the Tea Party proud.

And again, the mere fact that he’s chosen to remain silent on Tavis Smiley’s “Ghetto Loans” involvement speaks volumes regarding his true concern for the Black community.
Those two issues in themselves clearly demonstrates that West has devoted his life to promoting the interests of Cornel West, not the Black community. He simply uses the Black community as a prop to gain publicity, because publicity is what it’s all about for people like Tavis and West.

Publicity is how they make their living, and what they sell to major corporate sponsors. That’s why every time they open their mouths they say something over the top, like the ridiculous assertion that the first Black President of the United States shouldn’t use Martin Luther King’s Bible to take the oath of office.

That statement was specifically designed to garner headlines. Never mind that it’s divisive to an already fractured Black community; what’s important to them is, it gets publicity. Clear evidence of that is that their attack was clearly coordinated.  

It’s extremely important, therefore, that the Black community get a handle on this nonsense.

Because there are Smiley and West wannabes who are currently in the wings studying their tactics in order to carry on this turncoat tradition for yet another generation-- and as long as we allow such people to divide us for their own selfish interests, they’re going to keep us at a cultural and economic disadvantage.

Thus, 400 years of this twisted mentality is more than enough. It's time to abandon it.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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