Does Governor Rick Perry Love America?

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Perry is a reckless extremist fundamentalist who can't and won't be able to stop himself. Perry could lift like a rocket then, surely, plunge like a meteor in the general election, which would be a good thing for the United States and the world.

[Black Star News Editorial]

Rick Perry launched his gutter Presidential campaign this week and quickly emerged as ringleader of race-baiting. He hasn't crawled out of his cesspool since.

Perry is a reckless extremist fundamentalist. He can't and won't be able to stop himself from derailing his presidential run at some point. The more race-baiting and lunatic remarks he makes, the more cheers he'll get from his choir; and the more delusional he'll become. Perry could lift like a rocket and win the GOP nomination. Then, surely, he would plunge to the earth like a meteor in the general election, which would be a good thing for the United States and the world.

Perry's already making another discredited Texan, George W. Bush --who destroyed the U.S. economy with tax breaks for the wealthy and two unpaid for wars-- appear like a balanced and even moderate man, which is a chilling thought.

Perry boasts that he's created tens of thousands of jobs in his state without conceding that they are McDonald's- and Burger King-type jobs. Perry promises to punish the country by duplicating the "Texas Miracle" nationally.

Gov. Perry won't admit that the primary reason for any job creation in Texas during the recession was partly due to the high price of oil, which Perry had nothing to do with, and the federal stimulus money under President Barack Obama--which program the Republicans have condemned.

Perry also doesn't like sharing the fact that his great state has the worst record in the entire union when it comes to healthcare insurance coverage, child poverty, and carbon emissions.

His more reckless declarations confirm that Perry's truly a gutter politician. Even Karl Rove today made it clear that the current GOP field is dominated by extremists who are unelectable nationally.

Perry claims that he wants to run for president to assure Americans that "every young man and woman who puts on the uniform of the United States respects highly the president of the United States." So Perry evidently believes American soldiers don't respect Obama.

Perry also blabbered, "I think you want a president that is passionate about America, that's in love with America."

Of course, Gov. Perry reminds us all of Sarah Palin in 2008, when she claimed that candidate Obama had been "palling around with terrorists." Palin also never objected when people attending McCain-Palin rallies started chanting "kill him," "kill him," every time Barack Obama's name was mentioned.

Does the nation want to relive the ugliest aspects of the 2008 race?

Perry is mobilizing the nutty brigades. He says President Obama is "the greatest threat to America" and elsewhere proclaimed him a "dark cloud." We now have a good taste of the flavor of the rest-of-the-summer from Perry. The language will get even uglier in the Fall and Spring when the country lurches full speed into election cycle.

Some Perry declarations and positions sound as if they belong to someone in an insane asylum.

Perry has in the past taken these following positions:  that social security be abandoned; that medicaid and medicare be done away with; that the federal government's powers of taxation be abolished, and; that Texans should have the right to secede from the United States of America.

Perry also claims that the disastrous BP spill was "an act of God" and that the company wasn't responsible. This is, of course, a wacko assessment and certainly not presidential.

With these kind of positions, Americans are entitled to know whether Perry loves the United States at all.

Perry believes his divisive, race-baiting and backward utterrances will help him knock out the other right wing fundamentalist GOP candidate, Michelle Bachman, from the race. This would pave the way for a mano-a-mano with Mitt Romney.

General election voters are paying attention and eventually would send Perry to the gutter where he belongs. That's if he survives that long with his increasingly more lunatic claims.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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