Don't Believe A Word Zimmerman And Sanford Police Say In Trayvon Martin Killing

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As for the so called bloody nose and the head wound who is to say these wounds, if they do exist, could not have been manufactured after the fact? If Zimmerman is engaged in a cover up, Sanford Police are also involved.

[Black Star News Editorial]

Sanford Police claim that George Zimmerman, the killer of Trayvon
Martin was actually the victim.  There are now reports that the 17 year
old rail skinny teenager, who weighed more than 100 pounds less than his
killer, had somehow attacked Zimmerman, 28, thrown him to the ground,
blooded his nose and smashed the back of his head on the ground.

information comes out one month after Martin's killing. It was supposedly passed on by Sanford Police to State investigators. But nowhere does it definitively say that the information was gathered by Sanford Police from Zimmerman. As The New York Times reports it,  the Sanford Police said it was “consistent with the information provided to the state attorney’s office by the Police Department.”

Was this information obtained by police at the scene or provided long after the incident to police by Zimmerman? In other words is it mis-information? Is it real evidence? There is reason for skepticism.

By some
convenient coincidence the "information" is suddenly available at the same
time that people who want to tarnish the dead boy's reputation are
disseminating information about his brief suspension from school at the
time of his killing--that some traces of marijuana had been found in his

As if this in itself would then somehow justify his
murder. Sign of desperation or the same pattern of racist stereotyping
we have seen all along involving this case? Are the authorities in
Sanford with the rest of us in the 21st century yet?

Sanford Police are not credible. Why wasn't Zimmerman interviewed at the
scene of the shooting on the night of the shooting? 

wasn't DNA evidence captured from Zimmerman if indeed, as his defense
now contends, he was the victim of an attack from Trayvon that left him

Why was he allowed to return to his home with his weapon which was never seized for ballistic testing?

indeed Zimmerman had been assaulted and wounded by Martin, why has the
Sanford Police Department been secretive since the killing instead of
quickly publicizing this fact on the night of the incident?

all, the Police Department must have been concerned. It had not yet
recovered from negative publicity following the near beating to death of
a Black homeless man by the son of a police officer which had resulted
in no charges and no arrests.

So why does it seem that the credible and fates of the Sanford Police as well as Zimmerman's now seem so closely aligned?

Could it be that Zimmerman was actually coached by the police about what to say and he now has something on them?

police may not be incompetent---they may actually be culpable and that
possibility can't be ruled out. How was it possible that they could not
have known the identity of the dead boy for three days when his cell
phone was available to them?

Had it not been for the power of
Social Media, which has opened this case before the entire world, the
police would still be mute. Now they should actually shut up and allow
the FBI to take overall control, working with State authorities.

himself is not credible. He had racist animus towards his victim and
referred to him as a "coon" though he didn't even know the boy. It was
enough for Zimmerman that Trayvon was Black to make him worthy of
hatred, scorn, and evidently death.

Forget about the one Black
friend who has been paraded before multiple television shows to claim
that Zimmerman isn't racist. Disgraced New York Police Officer Justin Volpe, who sodomized Abner Louima with a plunger, had a Black girl

Listen carefully to Zimmerman's 911 call to the
dispatcher. This is not the call of an individual who is concerned about
or afraid of  a possible criminal in the neighborhood, otherwise he
would not have pursued the boy when he was told to back off by the

This is a call from someone trying to pre-establish
an alibi. Zimmerman used the standard 101 racist stereotypes about
Black suspects while speaking to the dispatcher. He wanted the person on
the other end of the line to visualize a dangerous, Black criminal in a
hoodie, with his hands on his waist, and who was on drugs. Zimmerman
wanted a witness; even though the dispatcher wasn't there and couldn't
see, Zimmerman knew that his words --a White man describing a Black
"criminal"-- would suffice to conjure up the image of a criminal.

was now inoculated from any negative consequences from the action he
was prepared to then undertake-- including the killing of Trayvon. It
never occurred to Zimmerman that all the attributes he had described
could actually be associated with someone who had not intentions to
commit any crime that night. He figured that even if it turned out
Trayvon was not a criminal, he could be excused since he possessed the
attributes associated with a criminal in Zimmerman's world;  Black man
wearing hoodie with hands on waist.

A witness has already said
Sanford Police did not seem interested in that witness' information when
it appeared not to match the narrative preferred by the police and

As for the so called bloody nose and the head wound
who is to say these wounds, if they do exist, could not have been
manufactured after the fact by Zimmerman with assistance from certain quarters? 

If Zimmerman is engaged in a cover up, Sanford Police are also involved. If Police are engaged in a coverup,  Zimmerman too is playing his part.

person who may have also witnessed the incident or who may have
information not yet publicized can contact this newspaper at (212)
481-7745 or  

Editor's Note: In earlier version, the name of Abner Louima's attacker was wrong: It's Justin Volpe

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