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One of the features that make the Eagle Academy unique is that each student has mentor to help guide him. As a mentor, I try to provide a good example of what it means to be a man, how to overcome obstacles, to have fun, and to explore all of the options available to us. The class I teach at the Eagle Academy is called Entrepreneurship 101. This class is designed to expose the students to business opportunities and what it takes to run and manage a business.

Black Star News business columnist Phil Andrews interviews Douglas Long, Principal Consultant for New Endeavors Consulting, Inc.

BSN: Why did you name your company New Endeavors and what is the mission of your company?

DL: The name, New Endeavors, represents starting something new and different. We wanted to convey that we are your partner as you to expand your organization.  Our mission is to partner with our clients to address their issue(s) in a thought provoking way that can understand and relate to and most importantly execute their customized strategic plan.

BSN: Prior to launching New Endeavors what was your former background and does it help in your current business?

DL: I began my career in investment banking specializing in the equity markets; I’ve worked for a non profit organization to develop a business incubator, worked for one of the largest multinational banks overseeing the global ATM network, and worked for a major consulting firm. While working, I’ve furthered my academic education in economics and business. All of these experiences have provided me with unique experiences that I can share with our clients. They have given me exposure to different ways of doing business, allowed me to travel domestically and internationally, and most importantly fueled my desire to learn new disciplines and ways of approaching business.

BSN: You currently teach a class at the Eagle Academy, could you share with our readers a little information about the Eagle Academy and why it was formed?

DL: The Eagle Academy for Young Men was founded in 2004 partnering with the New York City Chapter of One Hundred Black Men, Inc. as a means to advance the education of young men in the New York City public school system. The Eagle Academy is the first all male school in NYC in over 30 years. One of the features that make the Eagle Academy unique is that each student has mentor to help guide him. As a mentor, I try to provide a good example of what it means to be a man, how to overcome obstacles, to have fun, and to explore all of the options available to us. The class I teach at the Eagle Academy is called Entrepreneurship 101. This class is designed to expose the students to business opportunities and what it takes to run and manage a business. The overall intent is not to make the students entrepreneurs per se, but rather to teach them how to approach life in a more entrepreneurial manner. In addition, the class will help the students develop their leadership, speaking, and salesmanship skills.

BSN: Are you currently a member of any community based organization?  If so, which ones of you a member of at this time? 

DL: I am a member of the New York City chapter of One Hundred Black Men, Inc. and Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. to name two.

BSN: You strike me as a man of tremendous character, and you possess a sense that contribution to other is important.  What kind of feeling does it give you to know you are making a difference in the lives of others (especially our youth)? 

DL: First, thank you for the complement. My work with other stems from the fact that despite my success, I didn’t achieve it solely on my own efforts. I am standing on the shoulders of those who came before me and I had the support and encouragement of numerous people including family, teachers, coaches, mentors, and friends. For me giving back is an obligation and a means to repay those whom I am indebted to for the time and efforts they spent with me to help me get to my present position in life. My motto – Your success is my success, best describes the feeling I get from my work with others. My goal is to add value to their lives, to expose them to new ideas and ways of thinking, to encourage them to continue to learn and to never impose limitations on themselves. Lastly, giving back requires that I continue to expand my knowledge and experiences. I am still relatively young and there is a lot that I wish to explore and experience. As a result, of continuous learning and expanding my horizons, I feel that I have more to give and to share with others.

BSN: What year was New Endeavors founded and what has been your most memorable experience since founding your own company?

DL: New Endeavors Consulting, Inc. was founded in 1996 and incorporated in 2004. My most memorable experience was receiving my first check. It was important because it encouraged me to continue on with the business and it gave me the feeling of self sufficiency and the knowledge that I am the one who is responsible for my economic status.

BSN: We have many of our readers contemplating starting a new business can you share some tips that might help them avoid some of the hurdles you had to experience in your company's infancy?

DL: First, whatever dollar amount you think you need to start your business – triple it. Starting a business is a costly and time consuming process and if you don’t have sufficient capital to start it and sustain you while growing your business the likelihood of long term success is not that great. Second, avoid seeking credit initially. I know this sounds counterintuitive; however, credit is for those who don’t need the money and can use it to generate an ROR (rate of return) significantly greater than the interest rate charged. Third, remember the golden rule – Do unto others as you have others do unto you. For example, if you want to get paid promptly, make sure you pay your bills promptly. Business is about reciprocal relationships and you get and receive precisely what you put into it.
BSN: I was privileged to read your bio and I found that you have extensively worked with start-up businesses, what kind of services did you provide to start-ups?

DL: First, I ensured that each start-up had a solid foundation on which they can grow their business. I helped coach the owners to make the transition from being a product/service provider to a manager of a business. I’ve worked with companies to develop a strategy for their continued success and helped them to recognize the potential pitfalls and how to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities.

BSN: What are some of the services that your company provides?

DL: Our company serves our clients in three types of services: consulting, seminars and speaking engagements, and research. The consulting practice helps our client’s address their business concerns such as business strategy, finance, management, and marketing issues from a strategic point of view. New Endeavors produces seminars and speaks to groups addressing business issues such as change management, the state of the economy, strategic development, etc. Lastly, we provide unbiased research for our clients to help them learn about issues they face. Some of the research topics include: Marketing to Generation X, The Strategic Importance of Competition, and financial and marketing feasibility studies. In addition, we also publish a free bi-weekly newsletter called the Strategic Focus. If you would like to be included on our distribution list, please send us an email to and include “Subscribe� in the subject header.

BSN: Are you willing to speak to organizations and groups in your area of expertise?

DL: Yes, I would glad to speak to an organization or group. If you are interested in having me speak, please send an email to with all the details date, location, time, topic, etc.

BSN: What is your area of expertise?  If possible could you share some to the areas that may be of interest to our reading audience who may want to hear more from you in a live presentation.

DL: My area of expertise is in strategy. That is given any situation; I can help you or your organization take advantage of the situation. In addition, I help my clients define their goals and develop a plan to implement and achieve them. The topics that I generally speak about include: developing a strategy for your business, the importance of goals, how to develop successful partnerships, issues regarding the economy, change management, and leadership to name a few.

BSN: Do you currently have a web site?  

DL: Yes we do. The website address is
BSN: I really enjoyed this time together, how can our readers hear more from you. 

DL: Again, thank you for having me. I’ve enjoyed our time together as well. My email address is All emails will be answered within 24 hours.

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