Elections 2010: Republicans' Lies And Misinformation

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[Election 2010: Republican Propaganda]

Black Star Editor's Note: The following is a sample of the vicious propaganda, lies and misinformation that Republican Cyber Storm Trooper Dick Morris is disseminating heading into the MidTerm elections. Any Black/progressive voter who was planning to stay home should BEWARE. Republicans and their reactionary Tea-Party allies who want to take the country back to the pre-Civil Rights days intend to inflict serious harm. Here's what Morris is sending out:

Dear Reader:

Earlier today I announced a goal of matching -- within 72 hours -- the $1.5 million we had already raised and allocated to send 100 Democratic members of Congress to the unemployment line.

Here's the update. So far, we've gotten an incredible response, with our total now over $1.7 million -- that's more than $200,000 in just two hours! But we still have a gap to fill to meet the goal. The clock is ticking. Time is short. I have set a goal of raising $3 million by Saturday night -- this Saturday -- and I need your help to do it! We believe a Republican Congress is at hand -- IF we can saturate the airwaves during the crucial last week of the campaign. Obama and Pelosi could see a meltdown on Election Day.

It would be a huge mistake to coast to Election Day in overconfidence.  Although 100 Democratic members of Congress are on the ropes, don't count them out until they're knocked out!

It's urgent to send 100 Democrats packing so that a Republican Congress can stop Obama's agenda and REPEAL Obamacare before it becomes a living nightmare!  Imagine what it would be like to get "healthcare" from Obama -- courtesy of the
federal government:

>Your healthcare would be rationed.

>A government death panel could decide your fate, as Sarah Palin pointed out.

>Seniors who paid into the system their whole lives will have their benefits slashed, as procedures will be sharply curtailed.

> You'd have no freedom to see the doctor YOU want.

>A government committee would tell your doctor how to practice medicine.

>Your taxes would have to be raised even higher to pay for this "free" program.

Pelosi and Obama rammed Obamacare through their Democratic Congress against the will of the American people. Now it's time for patriotic Americans like you and me to throw 100 rascals out of Congress, take back America, and repeal Obamacare!

Chief among them is Barney Frank, one of the most notorious liberals in Congress.  He has been a key soldier in Nancy Pelosi's radical agenda -- and now even Massachusetts voters are saying enough is enough. His Republican challenger has been gaining in the polls and could defeat Frank!

It bears repeating that the upcoming election could produce a sea change in Congress, making it possible to repeal Obamacare.

Your gift will help expose and defeat 100 Democrats, Democrats such as Barney Frank. It will stop Obama's agenda COLD! Remember: This is the most crucial week of the campaign.

If you've given already, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Could you consider sending another gift to help us meet the goal?

Please donate here now

Thanks for your help.

Dick Morris


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