Fighting Glenn Beck's Hate-Mongering

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We've now reached a dead end in our conversations with Target, Orbitz, Warner Bros., JoS. A. Bank, and Roche. These companies need to hear from you.

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Thanks to you, we've achieved some incredible results with our campaign to starve Glenn Beck's show of advertisers.

An amazing 275,000 of you have stepped up, and more than 60 major companies have now said "NO" to Beck.

But we can't stop here. A few major advertisers are continuing to support Glenn Beck's platform. These companies need to hear your voice.
Can you take a minute to call Target, Orbitz, Warner Bros. or one of the other companies that won't pull their support from Beck? Our online tool makes it easy:  

When we started this campaign at the end of July, our staff began contacting advertisers to convey your concerns and to ask them to stop supporting Beck.
Most advertisers decided to do the right thing after hearing about what Beck is doing, and that so many people are concerned about it.

Some needed evidence of the level of outrage, so we flooded them with your comments. Others needed to understand what it would look like for their company's name and brand to be publicly associated with Beck's rhetoric, so we showed them that too.

Then there were those that refused to answer our calls or respond to our emails. Red Lobster, Vonage, Clorox, Lowe's, and Experian fell into that category, and several weeks ago, we asked a portion of the ColorOfChange members who signed the petition to give them a call.

Those members made more than 2,800 calls to those five companies, and within just a few days, four out of the five--Experian, Clorox, Lowe's, and Vonage--contacted us to say they'd pulled their ads. We never heard from Red Lobster, but they haven't run ads on Beck's show since. In other words, after hearing from thousands of people across the country, these companies listened.

Now, we're in a similar situation with a few more companies. Advertisers walking away for a few weeks is one thing. But as weeks turn to months, the financial pressure on Fox will increase, and Fox will begin having to answer questions about why they are willing to lose money to support a host who is so far on the fringes that he can't attract advertisers. To get there, we need to keep the pressure on.

We've now reached a dead end in our conversations with Target, Orbitz, Warner Bros., JoS. A. Bank, and Roche. These companies need to hear from you.
Can you take a moment to give them a call? It takes just a minute:

Thanks and Peace. James, Gabriel, William, Dani and the rest of the team

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