Healthcare D-Day In America

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Some citizens accumulate billions or hundreds of millions of dollars while thousands die with catastrophic illness? Simply for the vampire insurance industry to suck the life out of Americans and make super profit.

[Black Star News Editorial]

Sunday is the beginning of D-Day for healthcare reform in America.

The United States will for the first time in its history be close to realizing what should be the goal of every “civilized” country on this earth; to provide affordable healthcare coverage to all of its citizens.

Affordable housing, food and basic education would then be next on the agenda.

How can the richest nation on this earth allow some of its citizens to accumulate billions or hundreds of millions of dollars each year –most of which are not through above the table means—while millions of citizens have no healthcare coverage and while thousands die when struck with catastrophic illness?

Mitch McConnell and other Republican leaders are crying murder over the proposed reform's impact on the deficit? What duplicity. Where were they when a Republican Administration created multi-trillion dollar deficits as a result of the Iraq war over the phantom WMDs and other unfunded programs? Why aren't they screaming over the billions of dollars Wall Street honhcos are once again paying themselves in bonuses. Intead, they're even opposing financial regulation to prevent another recession.

They oppose healthcare reform and keeping more Americans alive because they'd rather side with the insurance industry. What's more, they have no compassion at all--every single Republican lawmaker that's standing in the way of reform has healthcare coverage paid for by the U.S. government.

Yet they oppose coverage for regular Nancy and Joe America.
Currently insurance companies deny coverage for people with pre-existing conditions; as if there’s a single human being alive without a pre-existing condition.

Policyholders are dropped when they become sick and finally need insurance coverage; people lose coverage when they lose jobs. Millions of jobs have been lost over the last two years of the George W. Bush and deregulated Wall Street Great Recession.

Families declare bankruptcies after being crippled through medical expenses that they can’t cover. And more businesses won’t be able to continue coverage even for employees who currently hold policies.

Premium rates have been rocketing over the past few weeks with some going up by over 40% in California. The industry is simply running amuck.

All this is tolerated simply for the vampire insurance industry to suck the life out of Americans and make super profit.

The Democrats, rallied by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a tireless president Barack Obama, must muster the courage to pass the bill which is now before the Congress. Regardless of what happens in the November midterm elections.

Sometimes being on the right side of history and humanity counts for more than winning votes.

Democrats must do the right thing and vote for the bill and ignore the Republicans scare-and-demonize tactics.

In time, no matter what happens, all Americans–Democrats and Republicans—will thank this Congress and this American president for finally realizing a goal that has eluded successive Administrations for decades.

“Speaking Truth To Empower.”

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