Imus And The Good Old Boys

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The good old boys network wants Don Imus back on air to
spew his racist shock jock rhetoric.

I don't know what’s worse, that Imus may be returning to the airwaves, or that he is going to receive an estimated payout of up to $20 million to settle his $120 million against CBS which fired him shortly after he insulted the Rutgers’ women’s basketball team players, calling them “nappy-headed ‘hos.”

There is something even more powerful at play. Despite all the controversy, it was still politics as usual and our voices as Black people are deemed worthless. That is the essence of powerlessness—that’s why another station, reportedly WABC, may even consider hiring this man.

Not even a year has passed, millions are still pisssed, and the racist is running to the bank and may soon be allowed on air. Are we a disturbingly forgiving people, or a forgetful flock?

Either Imus fits the ABC “brand,” or money trumps "family values," or both. Perhaps, it’s not surprising since the “nappy-headed ‘hos,” reference was not targeted to the daughters of the ABC honchos or any one of those other outlets that may consider hiring Imus.

There are no rules when big money is involved in this racist, sexist, capitalist country. I can just picture the big wigs at CBS nodding their heads to the Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson, with feigned outrage, at the height of the controversy.

No lessons have been learned in terms of creating an engaging discussion about race in America. If anything, this speaks volumes to Black "leaders" lack of political power.

I propose a boycott of any media company that hires Imus. I am totally supportive of the Rutgers University student, Kia Vaughn who is suing Imus for defamation of character. Much more must be done. Although Imus is just one man, think about all the potential listeners who are more then ready to crank up their radio to hear his hate talk. For the money he’s paid, there are many people that identify with his hateful views.

Race matters in America are coming to a boiling point. This is our opportunity as a people to show that we are serious when it comes to rejecting disrespect, intolerance, hate-mongering and racism.

As Black people we cannot permit passivity. I respect the power of the march but the power of the dollar is much more effective. Any media company hiring Imus must face economic boycott.

Publisher's Note: Readers can call WABC at (212) 613-3800 and let VP of programming Phil Boyce know what you think about reports of the possibility of his company hiring Imus.

Lake is a Fashion editor at The Black Star News


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