IOWA Caucus and the Republican Field of Nightmares

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Romney is the kitchen soup line candidate. He knows how to make money for shareholders -- by slashing jobs like an executioner. He's the Prince of the one-percenters.

[Black Star News Editorial]

Talk about a field of nightmares.

That's what the lineup of the Republican would-bes in Iowa resembles tonight as the GOP begins the task of weeding out candidates to decide who will face President Barack Obama in November when Iowans caucus today.

Not a single one of the candidates is suitable for the challenges America faces today. They are certainly not up to the task in dealing with the economy and some, like Michelle Bachman, Rick Santorum and Rick Perry shouldn't be allowed near the nuclear red button.

The prospective leader of the field, Mitt Romney is a very wealthy secret partial-Democrat and businessman who will say anything to get elected. In fact his opponent Newt Gingrich, whom he destroyed with vicious negative advertisements through unregulated PAC ads, has called him a "liar."

Romney once had a decent heart somewhere; after all, he's the one who first put in place a comprehensive healthcare coverage plan in the nation, as governor of Massachusetts. He once also supported abortion rights.

Now he's distancing himself from these positions and denouncing his own healthcare plan saying he didn't mean it should ever be a national program.

Romney's most dangerous position is in economic policy. His approach would likely reverse the nation's recent economic gains --with new job creations that helped push unemployment down to 8.6%-- and push the jobless rate towards and even beyond 10%.

Romney is the kitchen-soup line candidate judging by his performance as a private business executive. Romney knows how to make money for shareholders -- by slashing jobs like Jason the executioner. With Romney it's all about the bottom line. He's the Prince of the one-percenters.

Romney excelled in laying off workers as an executive at Bain Capital. He made so much money for shareholders that he still gets millions of dollars from the company even though he left years ago.

Even as 13.5 million Americans remain unemployed, the multi-millionare Romney recently joked that he's also "unemployed." His personal wealth may exceed $300 million. Romney also opposed the auto-industry bailout which actually led to the recovery of the car industry, which is now creating thousands of new jobs.

Who are the people whom Romney believes can generate recovery? His colleagues and friends on Wall Street -- the very one-percenters who ignited the financial crises that led to the recession.

Romney is dangerous to America's economic recovery. If things are hard now, a Romney presidency could spark an escalating downward spiral that, when linked to Europe's economic struggles, could ignite a global recession if not depression.

The other candidates are mostly unelectable nationally.

Congressman Ron Paul's progressive foreign policy position, denouncing overseas wars of aggression, is unacceptable to the Republican Party. His dubious and even appalling positions on race matters should disqualify him.

Gingrich has been exposed as a hypocrite who denounced lobbyists, having already made tens of millions of dollars as a lobbyist. His penchant for digressing and pontificating about futuristic projects means he's more suitable to be a college professor; which he was for many years. He also advocates, not training for enterprise for youths in low-income neighborhoods, but giving them mops so they can clean toilets. He also would have law enforcement officers drag judges in handcuffs to appear before Congress if he disagreed with their "liberal" rulings.

Rick Perry doesn't know what he's doing.

Michelle ("I will repeal Obamacare") Bachman is a right-wing extremist.

Sanctorum believes abortions should be outlawed even in the case of rape and incest and that doctors should be prosecuted. He is a one issue candidate who robot-like utters the words: "I'm the real conservative candidate."

John Huntsman seems reasonably level-headed. That's why he's not even competing in Iowa.

So there you have it. The Field of nightmares.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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