Jets Win & Barry Bonds?

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Edwards said his team needed this type of game. He had told them before hand the game would be a tough and tight one. He said his quarterbacks' arm is," fine." "He had fun today I told him to go out and have some fun." He also told Pennington on the Jets final scoring drive,� we need this score." Pennington found his favorite target again, Lavernanues Coles and the rest they say is history. As were then the Dolphins.

 "Winning is the bottom line," remarked Jets head  coach Herm Edwards to the media after the Jets victory this  past Sunday over the Miami Dolphins. Edwards  said of the previous week’s loss to the Kansas  City Chiefs,â€? we did things we generally don't  do." And against the Dolphins the Jets did what they generally do ,beat  Miami.

 Curtis Martin, whom the coach saluted for gaining, "  hard yards." Had 72 tough yards on the day. So tough and hard the great running  back and human being most likely won't play this weekend due to a minor injury.  On three different occasions, during this,â€? tight game," as Edwards told his team  this game would be, Martin came through with key third down runs that kept drives  alive and led to scores.
Edwards said his team needed this type of game. He had told them  before hand the game would be a tough and tight one. He said his quarterbacks'  arm is," fine." "He had fun today I told him to go out and have some fun." He  also told Pennington on the Jets final scoring drive,â€? we need this score." 

Pennington found his favorite target again, Lavernanues Coles and the rest they  say is history. As were then the Dolphins.  Chad Pennington had an error free game. No fumbles, no INT's and  threw for two scores. Both times hitting his favorite prime time receiver,  Laveranues Coles.

 With  the New  England Patriots losing, a win over the  Dolphins was a must. Good win, big win for the Jets. J-E-T-S. The New York  Giants start the season 2-0 after their win on the road at  home  against the New Orleans Saints. Crowd was not a sell out but a  road game at home a big plus for the Giants. And a fine start for the season.  Best move by a Giant this year thus far was when Jeremy Shockey caught the first Giant touch down of the season last week. And he never  stopped running until he handed the ball to one of the visiting female police  officers from England on the sidelines in the end zone. Kid has class.

 Tell me the Vikings' don't miss Randy Moss and how..  Man did the Dallas Cowboys get clipped by the  Washington Redskins. This by another Moss,  former Jet Santana Moss. Michael Vick not being able to come  back into the game no question the key to the Atlanta  Falcons defeat. Staying in Atlanta for a moment and jumping to  baseball, Andruw Jones, MVP of the National league. If it  wasn't for the job Frank Robinson has done in D.C.,  Bobby Cox would be NL manager of the year. Can it be anybody  else but Robinson? Answer is no. Does anybody play a better centerfield than  Jones? Another no answer.

 Hey if Barry Bonds had come back by the all-star  break, he would be the MVP again. Heck if he had come back a month or so sooner  than he did, the San Francisco  Giants win their division. Barry Bonds is the  greatest player to ever play the game of baseball(or any sport) at this  advanced age of their and his career. EVER. And it has  nothing to do with steroids. Damn he is great. And yet as famed comedian  ("The Latin from Manhattan") Julio  Rodriguez would say,â€? he ain't no Willie  Mays."  Speaking of Rodriguez, he,  Allan Chan and "The Comedy Cop"-Mel Stanley back at the ImProv-Friday-Oct. 21st,7pm  showtime.

 I couldn't believe the New York media dogging, the  great Derek Jeter. Jeter is the greatest shortstop in the  history of the famed New York Yankees. The first Yankee to ever  win an All*Star MVP. And should be the first Yankee player to  ever get 3,000 hits. He is captain Marvel in  pinstripes and all class, first at that.. Does a million things for our youth and  society. But he simply strikes out and the stones get thrown? Man you knock  Derek Jeter there is no room for you in my inn. The New  York Yankees had a hell of  road trip.
Playing  like champions to me and to be. Yanks will over take the Boston Red  sox.

A-Rod, AL MVP, Jason Giambi, Comeback Player of the year. He leads the league in walks and on base percentage. Steroids has no  part in any of that either people. Just give the salutes.

DID U KNOW: Floyd Patterson was the first heavyweight champion to  ever regain the heavyweight championship of the world back after losing it. Did  U know that the referee of that fight that was held in the old Polo Grounds was  the famous referee, Arthur Mercante Sr.,. Doing his first title fight. Did you  Derek Jeter wanted to wear number 13 when he joined the Yankees. It was the  number he always wore. It was Dave Winfield's 31 backwards, who was Jeter's  idol. Speaking of backwards numbers. Ever realize that Willie Mays number 24 was  Jackie Robinson's number 42 backwards? Didn't think so.


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