Joe Biden's Huge Debate Victory: Democrats Are Back

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The vice president reminded women that Romney/Biden would have an opportunity to appoint judges on the Supreme Court who would do away with Roe v Wade.

[Election 2012: Black Star Editorial]

Joe Biden's performance last night cast aside any lingering doubts about the Democratic team and why it deserves to be  re-elected to continue rescuing the country from the mess left behind by George W. Bush's Republican Administration.

Biden reminded the country that under the Obama administration 5 million new jobs have been created.

Unemployment, once headed to 10% thanks to Bush's gift, is now at 7.8%.

U.S. has come a long way from when the nation was losing almost one
million jobs per month as a result of the near economic collapse under
Bush and Paul Ryan's Congress. The nation was lied into war on Iraq that
cost American and Iraqi lives -- the war was paid for on a credit card.

Biden reminded viewers that the Great Recession "didn't fall from the sky."

forcefully, reminded viewers that Romney and Ryan were elitists who wanted tax
cuts for their wealthy friends. These fellow 1-percenters entertained
Romney at the infamous $50,000-a-plate dinner where the presidential
candidate voiced the disdain he and fellow diners shared for
lower-income people; the so-called 47-percenters who didn't want to take responsibility for their lives.

How elitist is Romney? He famously told Soledad O'Brien on CNN , "I'm not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs repair I'll fix it."

Ryan himself spoke of the 30-percenters who were "takers" Biden recalled. "Don't tell me you care," the vice president demanded, "show me."

Ryan again could not offer any specifics when pressed by Biden and the
moderator Martha Raddatz about how Romney would make their budget
proposal revenue-neutral after $5 trillion in tax cuts, mostly going to
the wealthy and $2 trillion in added spending for the military. The
Romney/Ryan response has been "just trust us."

That's what Bush and Dick Cheney said when they led the nation into Iraq.

Ryan showed why it's too risky to have him a heartbeat away from the presidency. He blew a lot of wind and smoke but at  
end of the day could not come up with a foreign policy position different from Obama's on Afghanistan, Syria, Libya or Iran, unless, as
Biden suggested, he wanted to start a new war that would involve
American ground troops.

Ryan was clueless on Syria.

lashing at the Obama administration and denouncing Bashar Assad for the
killings, he was reduced to stuttering and making incomprehensible
comments about sanctions when asked if he would militarily intervene on
humanitarian grounds. Military intervention? His answer at the end of
the pontificating was no.

Biden took the pompous Ryan to school on Afghanistan. Ryan said the Romney policy was different and that the Republicans never would have announced a date of withdrawal. When asked if U.S. troops could conceivably stay longer under a Romney presidency, Ryan conceded that both he and Romney agreed with Obama's timeline for withdrawal.

Go figure.

then opened himself for a knockout punch on Afghanistan. He complained
that the U.S. troops cut back meant fewer American soldiers were now active in
the country's most dangerous region. Biden asked if Ryan preferred to
have Americans die in the dangerous region rather than U.S.-trained Afghans.

That's when Ryan sipped some more water; he did this all night.

On the domestic front Biden reminded seniors that Romney/Ryan would turn Medicaid into a voucher program and privatize social  security. He asked seniors to think about what would have happened to their social security during the Bush Recession had the Republicans
succeeded in privatization. He reminded seniors that if Obamacare was
repealed costs would go up again including for medication.

Biden reminded young voters that the Romney/Biden budget would cut money for education.

vice president reminded women that Romney/Biden would have an
opportunity to appoint judges on the Supreme Court who would do away
with Roe v Wade.

Biden reminded workers how Romney had famously
called for Detroit to be allowed to hit bottom -- the Obama administration on the other hand rescued the auto industry, which is now
booming again, leading to recovery in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

On housing, which is now slowly recovering, Biden reminded homeowners that Romney had called for the mortgage market to be allowed to tank and then recover on its own.

Biden versus Ryan made for vivid contrast.

The Democrats are clearly the party of the 99 percenters and the Republicans, especially as symbolized by the multi-millionaires Romney/Ryan and their friends, the party of the 1 percenters.

Now on to the presidential debate October 16.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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