Joe Jackson, Michael's Ghoulish Father

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Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson's father, obviously had no love at all for his son.

He could not even hide it. This is clear by the interview he gave to the CNN reporter Don Lemon. 

Joe only "loved" Michael when he was a boy and part of the famed Jackson Five with his brothers. When the boys were making money before they even owned individual bank accounts.

That's when the father could use his sons as his cash machine. Even then, his tyranny made him infamous. The falling out started when Michael became older, asserted his independence and eventually launched his solo career.

Joe could no longer cash the checks.

It was clearly beyond a falling out by the time Michael Jackson died last Thursday. Michael had already died long ago to Joe, the father. When he could no longer exploit Michael and his earnings.

Asked by the CNN reporter on what it meant to lose Michael, the father spoke of the "world" losing the "greatest star." Not about a father or a family losing a "beloved son."

The reporter Lemon had begun gently enough, noting that the last few days must have been tough for the Jackson family; to which Joe Jackson retorted, "And?"
It was one of the saddest four minute interviews. The reporter tried his best to humanize the father; but there was no soul there. At least not for
Michael Jackson.

It was so clearly bad that a publicist jumped in to read a "statement" on behalf of the Jackson family.

Joe Jackson had nothing redeeming that he could find in his heart to say about his son--assuming Michael was his son. At one moment, he even wistfully observed that "I wish he were here to see all this to hear all this," referring to the outpouring of grief and adulation for Michael.

No Joe; wish he were here to be with his children. Joe Jackson is ghoulish.

Joe Jackson seemed impatient and snapped quick responses when Lemon inquired about the well-being of Michael Jackson's other siblings and his children. He almost waved off the reporter when he was asked about funeral arrangements.

Instead, he dragged over a friend of his named Marshall and announced that he wanted to make "a real statement." What was that statement? Was it that he had tried to repair relations with his son in recent years? Was it that he now felt that he was wrong to have exploited Michael with his great tyranny and perhaps driven him into some of the eccentricities he later adopted?

Not so. Old Joe Jackson wanted to announce that he had formed a new record label with his friend Marshall.


The reporter Lemon was so taken aback that he tried to contextualize the remark and asked how Joe's 65th wedding anniversary had been. So bitter is old man Joe Jackson towards his son that he disses him in death. A sad state of affairs.

Now we can only imagine some of Michael's stress and distress; when his own father saw him, in life and in death merely as a money machine.

Michael deserved better--if not from the world, at least from Joe Jackson.

But Michael is in a far better place, and safe from Joe, forever, because of what he did and what he shared with the world while he was here.

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