Karzai's Criminal Regime Disaster To U.S. And Afghans

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How is such a discredited pair, the Karzai brothers, going to inspire Afghans to act in the national interest? By embracing the pair, the United States becomes a partner in crime. Karzai is happy for the status quo to maintain.

[Black Star News Editorial]

Things can only get worse in Afghanistan; and they will, until there's a turn around in U.S. policy.

The United States has helped legitimize Hamid Karzai's August electoral theft with the "withdrawal" of Abdullah Abdullah from the proposed runoff election, scheduled for November 7, which was a sham from the get go anyway.

For weeks, before Karzai had even yielded to demands for a new race --as if he had a choice anyway, when he does not have his own independent national army -- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had been telling anybody within earshot that the U.S. believed Karzai would "win" a run off anyway.

Question. Why did the U.S. even bother with the August election in the first place then?

Now the false "debate" in Washington, cheered on by empty-headed pundits on the national media is whether or not to send more U.S. troops to Afghanistan, as if that was the magical solution.

If the country can't be stabilized with the 70,000 or so U.S. troops there and additional thousands of other coalition forces, what would a U.S. buildup suddenly accomplish? Are the proponents of troops buildup--such as Dick Cheney, who simply sees more dollar signs flashing before his eyes-- suggesting that the estimated 7,000 Taliban are more than a match for U.S. forces?

Clearly the answer to the Afghan problem lies elsewhere.

The Karzai regime is totally discredited; he can't govern the country even with one million American troops. Likewise, his challenger Abdullah could not govern alone.Karzai and his drug-dealing CIA agent brother, Walid Karzai, are a huge
embarrassment and liability. Even more disastrous is for the United States to hitch its wagon on Karzai's fate.
It is completely preposterous and will only end in a very terrible way.

How is Karzai going to become less corrupt? How is his drug King pin brother going to become less corrupt? These are the kind of opportunists who would fill suitcases with dollars and flee if regime collapse were ever imminent.

How is such a discredited pair, the Karzai brothers, going to inspire Afghans to act in the national interest? Who would want to sacrifice anything on behalf of this pair?

By embracing the rouge brothers, the United States becomes a partner in crime.

Karzai is happy for the status quo to maintain. Which president would not be contended? Karzai does not have to submit to a national referendum on his regime while he and his criminal brother is protected by a super power.

Hollywood can't come up with a better script.

It's true that the Obama Administration inherited a great disaster in Afghanistan but another preposterous approach is not the cure. In Iraq things have relatively started to stabilize because the political tent had been broadened with all sorts of factions brought in. No such approach has even started in Afghanistan.

Ironically, Karzai's brother, who is in charge of huge territory, is on par with the Taliban in the sense that both sides deal in drugs to raise money. But the Taliban are Taliban while the corrupt Karzai brothers are in national governance and
presumably held to a higher standard.

Coupled with the corruption in his Administration, one wonders which side the Afghans would actually prefer.

Any Afghan solution must embrace dialogue with all the combatants--and surely it's not only Taliban that are engaged in battle with Karzai's U.S. -backed government. Sending in tens of thousands of --even hundreds of thousands perhaps--troops wouldn't quell Taliban and other combatants that are ideologically inspired. The Soviet empire learned this the bitter way in a huge rout that spelled the beginning of the collapse back in Moscow. It wasn't Ronald Reagan who brought down the Soviet Union; it was the guns of Kabul.

Taking no lessons from history, the United States has now embraced the corrupt Karzai and his drug dealing brother as the "best hope" for Afghanistan, much in the same manner that the Soviets had pitched their tent with Afghan strongman
Mohammed Najibullah Ahmadzai.

That didn't end up so well for Moscow and Najibullah.

Unless the United States plans a long term unsustainable stay as watchdog in Afghanistan, it's time to redirect the U.S. approach. It has to begin with a broader government, in which Karzai is merely one of many pretenders.

Barring such an about face, catastrophic disaster looms on the horizon.

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