Killing Quathafi's Son: Western Vampires And Libya

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NATO tried to deliver on Obama's and Cameron's and Sarkozy's Fatwa today reportedly killing al-Quathafi's son

[Black Star News Editorial]

NATO Almost Delivered On The Fatwa

As this newspaper concluded in an editorial last week, it's a disgraceful shame for President Barack Obama to be involved in the assassination of any foreign leader however detestable the United States may find such a leader to be.

It places the U.S. in the same category as Syria which murdered Lebanon's Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

We made this pronouncement shortly after President Obama authorized the use of armed American predator drones in Libya by NATO. The president had also co-authored a barbaric editorial with warmongering Nicholas Sarkozy and David Cameron, of France and Britain, respectively.

In the editorial, published in newspapers around the world, these wise leaders, including Obama, in essence issued a Fatwa against Muammar al-Quathafi. They declared that he must go and "go for good." As we noted then, the only way a person "goes for good" is when he's dead. Is it wise for an American president to be calling for the assassination of the leader of any foreign country the U.S. has major disagreements with?

What about the leaders of North Korea, Iran and Venezuela? When will Fatwas for those three be issued?

NATO tried to deliver on Obama's and Cameron's and Sarkozy's Fatwa today. Al-Quathafi and his wife reportedly survived the bombing on his compound by NATO, which of course was meant to kill him. NATO has been acting like hired MAFIA enforcers for Benghazi. Reportedly al-Quathafi's youngest son, 29-year-old Saif al-Arab, was killed as were three of his grandchildren.

This is how NATO, the U.S., France and Britain are "saving civilian lives" and enforcing a no-fly zone in Libya? Is this really what United Nations Resolution 1973 was intended for?

Wake up President Obama.

France's, Britain's and the U.S.'s lies about caring for the lives of people in North Africa and the Middle East have been exposed by these countries' silence towards Syria. The leadership in Syria is not even fighting a rebellion financed by the West and Qatar --as Libya is-- but
massacring with tanks unarmed protestors seeking the ouster of Bashar al-Assad. Revoltingly, the U.S.'s only reaction was to announce "financial sanctions" that don't even impact Syrian leadership and completely spares al-Assad.

Why not take out al-Assad as well?

Libya, as we've previously pointed before, will turn out to be President Obama's most shameful mistake. It should, deservedly, haunt him and his legacy even beyond his presidency wether he wins a second term or not.

President Obama can still distance himself from France's and Britain's posterings. Those former powers have an imperial mentality when dealing with Africa. They will not compromise with people they regard as lesser human beings. That's also the mentality that guides the editorial pages of corporate newspapers such as The New York Times--big cheerleaders for war on Libya.

Obama should call off NATO's attacks dogs. Stop the bombings. Allow South Africa's President Jacob Zuma to work with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to revive the African Union (AU) Peace proposal which was rejected by Nicholas Sarkozy and Benghazi.

NATO bombs will not rescue civilians in Libya. Assassinating al-Quathafi will not usher democracy. Allow Libyans to ceasefire. Allow Libyans to start negotiations for a constitution and open elections. The government in Tripoli reportedly agreed to these conditions when it accepted the AU plan.

France, Britain and the U.S. should curb the insatiable Dracula-like greed for Libya's sweet crude. Abandon what Russia's Vladimir Putin referred to as a medieval crusade. Leave Libya for the Libyans.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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