Murdoch, Sell Post For $1

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Message to Rupert Murdoch, the New York Post publisher: Give it up or allow it to be turned into a newspaper that focuses on the Black and Latino communities.

We reject categorically Murdoch's so-called apology about the so-called "cartoon" in his newspaper.

Anyone can "apologize." One doesn't even have to be sorry to apologize. A chimpanzee can apologize. What Murdoch needs to do is to make amends.

First, on the matter of the so-called "cartoon."

As the whole world now knows, it showed two officers, one holding a smoking gun, standing over the bullet-riddled body of a chimpanzee. One of them comments: "They'll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill."

It was clearly racist and it was offensive on several levels. It may have not been specifically commissioned from Sean Delonas, the Post's "cartoonist"; but there were subsequent actions, in concert with the editorial staff, including the Post editor's endorsement of the "cartoon."

Why do we say this? The day after a massive protest in front of the Post's offices in Mid-Manhattan, the newspaper published a front page photograph that had even a much more explicit and ugly message.

The Post's photo showed Sandra Herold, the white woman who owned the chimpanzee in Connecticut, seated side-by-side in a "cozy" position with Travis the primate; like a couple. The chimpanzee was semi-clothed; chimpanzee and woman looked like husband and wife. The Post had more photos on the inside pages, showing the woman and chimpanzee in various stages of co-habitation. There was a picture of "their bed" and "their dining table."

It was clearly not owner and pet, the Post wanted readers to know; it was clearly "husband" and "wife."

It does not take more than third-grade intelligence to see what the Post was suggesting—White women who dated or married Blackmen could as well be sleeping with chimpanzees.

Mind you, this "husband" and "wife" impression, or, to be specific, "Black husband" (chimpanzee) and "White wife" representation came after the Post's so-called "cartoon" had already created a huge furor. It had been roundly denounced by activists, civil rights leaders, and even elected officials. The NAACP also later condemned the Post's Delonas "cartoon." Despite the outrage over the Delonas cartoon, the Post maliciously added fuel to the fire.

Post editor Col Allan then defended the "cartoon." Anyone who would even imagine that the chimpanzee was a proxy for a Black man was having wild thoughts; that's what Allan suggested.

Of course, Allan knew that fellow racists --for that is what the Post editor Allan is -- would understand and approve of the gift his "cartoonist" had tossed their way. He also thought he could get away with it: That's why the Post published the photo of the "cozy couple"; the white woman and the chimpanzee, the next day.

It was not even subtle.

Murdoch, no fool, may have tolerated several instances of racism and race-baiting at his New York Post in the past, but even he knew that this time people were not fooling around.

Charles Barron and the Rev. Al Sharpton have already complained to the FCC about Murdoch's onerous monopoly over newspapers and television stations in New York. Activists have been targeting The Post's advertisers.

That's why Murdoch "apologized"; he knew the reaction and anger this time was serious.

That's not enough. The campaign to target The Post's advertisers must continue.

Not only was the "cartoon" racist and offensive, it was intended to incite more enmity towards Black men; including President Obama.

Incitement intensifies hatred and is the sort of thing that can provide the spark for deranged individuals to commit desperate actions. The New York Post's editors --and Delonas-- could not have been that clueless. Yet, they were willing to go there.

The only way Murdoch can convince anyone that he is serious is to give up ownership of The Post; a multi-million dollar losing entity
that exists primarily so it can spew hatred disguised as "conservatism."

Better yet, let The Post become a newspaper that focuses on the Black community --African Americans, Caribbean and African immigrants-- and the Latino community.

This can't be done under a Murdoch regime. That's why he must give up the Post. Sell it for a token amount; say $1, to a group of Black publishers and editors.

We at The Black Star would be more than happy to be part of any team that relieves Murdoch of ownership of the Post.

Editor's Note: The chimpanzee was later crazed, and badly mauled Herold's friend, Charla Nash; rather than exploring the disturbing relations imposed on the animal, the Post used the chimpanzee for its own racist agenda. If anyone wants a hint as to what might have finally driven the animal off the edge, consider what Stamford, CT., mayor Dannel P. Malloy said, lamenting the incident: "This animal was raised literally as a family member." That's the problem!

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