My Child

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You think your life is over, I’ve not turned my back


My child you have called me, know that I am here

You think your life is over, but know that I’m near


My child I love you, though the world makes you cry

I sent my son for you, for your sins he did die


My child you are mine completely and true

Just trust in me fully and let me guide you


My child everything is working according to my plan

Know that I am more powerful than any woman or man


My child I know your pain, let me take it away

I’ve not turned my back, I hear you each time you pray


My child you should know your battles are mine

Just give me your heart and you’ll be just fine


My child I’m your Father, bring your worries to me

Know I’m your savior, watch your enemies flee


My child I’m your protector, be not afraid

The weights have been lifted, your debts have been paid


You mustn’t lose your faith, I see you’re running wild

Remember, I love you, You are My Child


Lisa Wyche is a poet and upcoming author.  She is a dedicated mother of an extremely bright four-year-old boy and resides in New York City.  She can be reached directly at

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