Newt Gingrich's Manifesto: Exposing Romney's "Vulture" Capitalism

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A Specter is haunting Mitt Romney; the specter of Republican challenger Newt Gingrich's continued attacks over his alleged business savvy.

The Republican establishment have lined up to exorcise this specter: Mitt Romney; John McCain; Sarah Palin; Karl Rove; Rudolph Giuliani; Fox News; Sean Hannity; Rush Limbaugh; Michelle Malkin; John McCain; the Libertarian Ron Paul, and; many others.

Any candidate who exposes Romney's addiction to firing workers to boost profit while he was at Bain Capital has been decried as communistic.

Three things result from this fact:

1. Gingrich's reported political death is premature. He has lined up Super PAC money and intends to be a disruptive force.

2. Faced with false allegations about his intentions it's high time for Gingrich to publicize his ultimate goal. It's to do anything within his power to derail Mitt Romney's inexorable path to the Republican nomination.

3. Speaking truth to power by exposing vulture capitalism is not welcome in the Republican Party. The party's dictum is: greed is good.

The history of the Republican Party has been the history of playing the race card to maintain a share of the White vote. The party stokes resentment against Black people by falsely alleging that economic gains by Blacks since the Civil Rights Movement have come at the expense of Whites'.

Gingrich himself, Rick Santorum, and other Republican contenders falsely claim Blacks prefer welfare payments instead of paychecks from productive work. The hate-mongers ignore statistics. The unemployment rate in the Black community is double that of Whites; yet 34% of welfare recipients is White, while Blacks comprise only 24%.

Republicans' race-baiting intensified in 2008 after Barack Obama became the first Black president. Several candidates are now vying for the right to redeem wounded race pride by defeating Obama. Jon Huntsman has been undistinguished; he has failed to play the race card.

Romney, one of the nation's premier profiteers spent millions of dollars to undermine Gingrich. Romney supporters warned potential voters that Gingrich couldn't be trusted; he made millions of dollars as a Washington lobbyist. Gingrich was highly offended. Republicans typically don't denounce each other about questionable means of earning millions; especially when 15 million Americans are unemployed.

Now Gingrich is returning the favor . He's reminding potential voters that Romney made his millions by shedding "costs"; laying off American workers. Under the Romney business regime wage earners are reduced to mere stats on spreadsheets. They can be deleted; they were deleted.

Perry has echoed the critique; he's called Romney a "vulture" capitalist.

Republicans know that when Democrats condemn the Romney enrichment regime, they can be easily dismissed as envious failures to borrow from Herman Cain. It's something else when the expose comes from Gingrich; one of their own.

Republicans love it when candidates stick to script and blame Blacks for the nation's woes. When candidates veer off script and admit that predators like Romney enrich themselves while impoverishing American families, Republicans know this could turn resentment towards wealthy profiteers.

Republicans such as the Koch brothers financed an organization called the Tea Party to keep resentment focused on Blacks by promoting meaningless fights between low-income or unemployed Blacks and low-income or unemployed Whites.

Gingrich, seeking revenge, has exposed the truth about Romney's "vulture" profiteering.

The damage has been done.

Even if Gingrich backs off, independent groups that oppose Romney may continue to criticize his form of "predatory" capitalism profiteering. Vying for power and the right to eject Obama from The White House, Republicans have become their own political grave-diggers.

A specter is haunting Mitt Romney....

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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