Obama And America’s New Epoch

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Ironically, while Bush defeated and killed one Hussein –in Iraq—he was eventually consigned to the political dumpster by a man with Hussein as a middle name.

[Global News: America’s New Dawn]

Black Star News Europe-based correspondent filed his report from Washington, D.C.----Yesterday a Black man became the most powerful human being in the world.

There were many moments of thrill as an estimated two million people passed through Pennsylvania Avenue, here in Washington D.C., on their way to witness the official installation of Barack Hussein Obama as the 44th president and first African American president of the United States.

A new epoch has emerged in American politics.

Many of the people who braved the winter cold –old, young, men and women— from all the corners of the world could be seen openly weeping with joy as Obama placed his hand on the same bible that President Abraham Lincoln used when he was sworn in.

The inauguration of President Obama at noon Eastern Standard Time, provided an amazing inspiration to all people –not only Black people—around the world; in the Middle East, in Asia, in Africa, in Europe and in South America. He also inherits a long list of troubles to solve around the world and domestically.

This was a very long and winding road that Obama travelled; and along the way Black people and those of other hues from around the world prayed for him and rooted for him.

He has sundered forever the racial bar from the presidency.

Yesterday was exit and good riddance day for George W. Bush, who left the White House dejected, having presided over the ruin of the American economy –sending tremors through the global economy—and launched the devastating war on Iraq.

Ironically, while Bush defeated and killed one Hussein –in Iraq—he was eventually consigned to the political dumpster by a man with Hussein as a middle name. That a man with an Islamic middle name can be sworn in as president of the United States is itself a first and speaks to the great possibilities of this country.

With his hand atop Lincoln’s bible, Obama surprised his critics by using the name that his father gave him in honor of his grandfather, Hussein Obama, who was a Muslim.

Elderly men and women cried when Obama was finally referred to as “mister president” by the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, Justice John Roberts.

Not only did Obama make history, Michelle Obama became the first Black First Lady to occupy the White House; she looked adoringly as her husband was sworn in.

Although, the Mall in Washington was restricted to only ticket holders, the hundreds of thousands who gathered on D.C. with no tickets fraternized with joy and discussed the momentous event; voluntary organizations offered office space and served free tea, coffee and snacks to anyone that was affected by the unfavorable cold weather conditions.

This reporter observed African visitors, more used to sunshine, fleeing to the warm office spaces.

All the roads leading to the White House were blocked off by security personnel with buses parked across roads and military trucks in some bypasses.

Armed security personnel patrolled all train stations from New Carrollton, in Maryland to downtown Washington, D.C.
FBI agents, normally discreet, wore bullet proof vests and had their machine guns on the ready. They also walked through several Amtrak cars randomly. The White House was also blanketed by security.

Protesters were allowed within a designated area; but today was not the day for opposition. Two million voices drowned them out even though some were approached by media.

Washington, D.C. residents told this reporter that the level of enthusiasm was unprecedented. At each and every corner around the White House, there was a frenzy of business activities as shops sold Obama memorabilia that ranged from scarves, caps, umbrellas, to freshly printed magazines recounting Obama's rise to power.

McPherson train station on the Orange metro line which acted as one of the exit locations, with a walk-able distance of 100 meters normally consumed  two minutes to cover;  yesterday it took no less than 30 minutes.

There is much hope and expectations for the new Commander-in-Chief.

"His swearing in ought therefore to mark a healing of Africa's wounds; borne far long even from the founding," one African said. African protestors said they wanted Obama to urgently address biting issues that affect the troubled continent, including; genocide in Sudan’s Darfur region; Eastern DR Congo; Northern Uganda; and, Zimbabwe.

Some said they hope that the United States will now end support for corrupt African dictators.


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