Obama's Busy Week: From Donald Trump To Osama bin Laden

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While Obama was focusing on getting Osama, Donald Trump was spewing hatred on network Television

[Black Star News Editorial]

Not a bad stretch for President Barack Obama and the United States. Obama dealt with Donald Trump and Osama bin Laden in the same week.

Trump and his Tea Party "birthers" supporters were demolished instantly when president Obama released the long-form of his birth certificate as many lunatics had demanded. Rather than acknowledging the world-wide shame he had caused for the entire country --for claiming that the president of the United States was actually a Kenyan who was occupying the White House illegally-- the megalomaniac Trump took credit and said he was "proud" of himself because he had forced Obama to release his birth certificate.

Days later, during the White House correspondents' annual dinner, Trump proved that he was no sport at all. He could not be trusted as a babysitter let alone running these United States. Trump was the subject of jokes --which is something he should have anticipated since the annual dinners are famous for ribbings-- by Obama, who fired anti-Trump zingers.

The next day cry baby Trump erupted in an angry tantrum, again attacking the president.

By Sunday the world discovered what Obama meant by referring to Trump as a "carnival barker." The president had explained all along that he decided to release his birth certificate because he wanted to put an end to the charade so the nation could focus on serious issues. A recent USA Today poll had revealed that 38% of those surveyed actually believed the president may have been born outside the United States.

When the president talked about the need to get back to serious issues, he meant the economy, unemployment, the impact of the budget cuts, immigration reform, state budget crises, and the challenge to the U.S. economy from emerging powers such as China, India and Brazil.

There was another serious big issue that the president had been concentrating on for the past several weeks--the operation against Osama bin Laden in his Pakistan hideout. Meanwhile, Donald Trump had been all over major television programs expounding on his theory that Obama was not a citizen; when grown ups were actually doing grown up things.

If anything puts the best exclamation point to the end of Donald Trump's circus -- and those who took delight and even encouraged his foolishness and distraction-- it was the successful operation against  Osama bin Laden.

Does any sane person believe that Donald "You're Fired!" Trump could have brought down bin Laden?

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