President Obama To Romney: Bring It On

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Mr. Romney’s vision is “Back to the future.” Republicans “Stack the deck against the Middle Class and seniors.” Mr. Obama rescued the economy from the brink of collapse, he infused new energy into the auto industry allow it to recover, rehire thousands of employees and generate billions in profits.

[Election 2012]
that Mitt Romney is no longer the “presumptive” but “actual nominee”
for the Republican Party, the real contest to unseat President Barack
Obama can really begin well before that party’s convention in August.

President Obama’s record will be an issue in debates and final voter
choice, issues raised regarding Mitt Romney by his Republican
challengers in the primary contest will also be fair game as Democratic
strategy unfolds.

While the primary cycle is a natural part of
the process of choosing the best candidate as the party’s standard
bearer, the critique of contenders is not only fair game of opponents
but can also pinpoint weaknesses in the armor of the eventual nominee.
 In the case of the Republican primary contest, despite Rick Santorum's
caustic challenges there may be some credibility in his criticism of
Mitt Romney that Democrats will seek to exploit. All this
notwithstanding, President Obama stands ready to defend the
accomplishments of his tenure while pointing out, despite the grave
state of affairs he inherited, Republicans prolifically planted
landmines in his path fueled by their “Party of No” philosophy of
non-cooperation as the publicly stated effort to make Barack Obama’s
Presidency a failure.

In the case of President Obama, his
record has been on public display, commented on by pundits, criticized
by challengers and defended by his supporters, advisers and members of
the Administration, who seem to know more than most. Mr. Romney’s record
on the other hand is of a different sort. As a successful businessman
and former governor of Massachusetts those years of his involvement in
private and public practice provide meaningful evidence of how he will
perform as Chief Executive of the United States. Still, there are other
factors that can and will shape the totality of the man who wishes to
succeed as the 45th President of the United States. Principal among
those factors are the actions and intent of the 43-47 percent of voters
who voted for Senator John McCain and against Mr. Obama in the 2008

Mr. Obama was first viewed as a young upstart, a
“Whipper Snapper” who came out of nowhere. As an African American, many
thought him presumptuous but this was a bold move by a young bright,
likeable and courageous leader. Right wingers, conservatives, nuts,
activists fueled by money, attacked Mr. Obama’s race, religious
affiliation, birth-right, leadership skills, patriotism, judgment,
economic philosophy, social relations, and decision making

His opponents underestimated the man’s
wherewithal to wage a long-drawn out and successful, against all odds,
campaign to become President. The anti-Obama block was even more
ignorant of the economic, infrastructural, social and foreign policy
mess their side had created and bequeathed the 44th President.

Republican ducks lined up behind a mantra of "No!"

From the inception, Mitch McConnell publicly stated “My intent is to make Barack Obama a one-term President.” Speaker
John Boehner disrespected the President by not returning his phone
calls, meeting with the media before he spoke to him and in that
important Debt Ceiling standoff, he boasted “We got 98 percent of what
we wanted” which was at the expense of the American people. In the
heated Health Care Reform debate, South Carolina Senator DeMint uttered
“If we stop Obama it will be his Waterloo!” and Billy Crystal of the
Weekly Standard offered, “Go for the Kill!” During a State of the Union
Address, South Carolina’s Representative Joe Wilson told the President
“You lie!”

Some “super patriots,” rather than work with the
president to help rescue the nation from the ditch it had sunk into
attacked Obama because of his race and party. Still, even with all the malicious attacks, the president's re-election prospects look very good.

has challenges. Rick Santorum thought of the nominee Romney as “a
leader worse than Obama.” Though he now says, “All sorts of things are
said in the heat of the campaign.” Still, no one has recanted any of the
obnoxious claims made about President Obama.

How would a
Romney presidency fare? Mr. Romney’s vision is “Back to the future.”
During the Governor’s tenure Massachusetts experienced more taxes and
the much touted job creation mantra was a farce because the state stood
at 47 out of 50 in job creation among all states. As Ben Labolt, the
2012 Obama Press Secretary has observed,  Mr. Romney and Republicans
“Stack the deck against the Middle Class and seniors.” They promise more
tax cuts for the wealthy and to allow Wall Street to set its own
rules.Prospects for growth and job creation are dismal.

Obama rescued the economy from the brink of collapse, he infused new
energy into the auto industry allow it to recover, rehire thousands of
employees and generate billions in profits.

In his proposed
strategy of out-innovating and out-educating the world, Mr. Obama is
“building an economy that lasts, where everybody plays by the same
rules.” We have seen a rise in exports and small businesses are doing
more business. Mr. Obama is certainly more charismatic than Mr. Romney.
He is a normal guy; more in touch with the pulse of the nation and doing
the best he can despite Republican efforts to sabotage his every move.

While Mr. Romney made a big splash that Mr. Obama should “start packing,” the President’s message should be “bring it on!”

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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