Prince Crowns Educational Institutions With Financial Rewards

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Eleventh grader Roger Brown sat smiling, just feet away from
the Madison Square Garden stage where legendary rock star Prince, would soon
perform. A mix of hard work and creativity allowed him to be one of the
students from educational institutions including Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ), to
attend the Prince press conference, rehearsal and concert. The press conference
was held to present the financial donations that Prince gave to HCZ, the Uptown
Dance Academy, and the American Ballet Theater.

Brown, who loves music, sat patiently waiting for the
festivities to begin. At the Promise Academy, one of HCZ’s educational
institutions, he participates in a music program that allows him to incorporate
an array of genres including r&b, hip-hop, and rock.  Brown says his school encourages him to write
inspirational music, “I write about the struggles that black people go through …
and some of the benefits of being black and of color, stated Brown.”

Inspiration was the theme of the evening. Smiles graced the
faces of Brown and the other youth as they walked onto the infamous stage with
George Canada, HCZ’s president and CEO, to accept the one million dollar check
donated to HCZ. Canada says he hopes Prince’s generosity will prickle the
hearts of other fortunate artist. “I didn’t ask Prince, I didn’t know Prince. I’m
hoping Prince will inspire other people in the music industry to support other
youth organizations. It can really make a difference.”

Prince, who did not attend the conference, also donated 250
thousand dollars each to the Uptown Dance Academy and the American Ballet

Canada says he plans to use his newly acquired fortune to
help support children from birth through college. He says he is building a new
center for three year old children.

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