Reject Clinton’s Dirty Campaign

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This clearly was a cheap shot, appealing to the prejudices some white people harbor; that many Blacks are natural born drug dealers and criminals.

[Black Star News Editorial]

Who will be the best president from Day One from the moment the president is sworn in?
Who will be able to handle the Republican attack machine?

Senator Hillary Clinton posed these questions to an audience of supporters in New Hampshire this morning, hours after her defeat to Senator Barack Obama who won 38% to her 29% in the Iowa Caucuses last night.

Sen. Clinton is still continuing her attack campaign rather than focusing on the issues.

Her questions to her audience are misguided. She cannot know who will be the better president on “Day One.” No one can.

Americans want to vote for the person who will be the best president for the entire presidential term. Sen. Clinton is still insinuating that she is the more “experienced” candidate relative to Obama, by posing the first question. Voters in Iowa preferred a “change” agent over “experience” which to many suggests "business as usual.” Voters in New Hampshire next Tuesday could make a similar statement.

The second question goes back to issues we have discussed in two editorials in this newspaper. We have castigated the Clinton campaign for bringing in Obama’s race and his grandmother’s Islamic religion into the contest in a dastardly and sneaky manner. A Clinton campaign manager claimed the Republicans, because Obama had admitted to the use of illegal drugs during his youth, would also want to know whether he had been a drug dealer. This clearly was a cheap shot, appealing to the prejudices some white people harbor; that many Blacks are natural born drug dealers and criminals.

Shortly after that calumny, a university president that endorsed Clinton said while she was a better candidate than her rival, Obama could still be useful—reaching out to Black youth and Muslims around the world.

At the time of those early attacks, we wrote that it was hard for us to believe it was the work of Clinton rogue campaign officials without her knowledge. By continuing to bring up the Republican specter Sen. Clinton has answered the question. She was behind the dirty tricks.

Sen. Obama has said: "We are one nation; we are one people; and our time for change has come."

Candidates must compete on the issues and on whether they have the best program or plan. Any one appealing to base instincts must be rejected. We hope that the 60% undecided voters in New Hampshire will come to this same conclusion.


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