Serena Was Clearly Robbed At U.S. Open

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Just as crooked officials cheated Venus Williams at Wimbeldon,
so also recently crooked officials blatantly cheated Serena
Williams of her victory in her match against Jennifer Capriati at the U.S. Tennis Open in New York.

Three balls which Serena clearly hit in were called out through the collusion of the crooked lines-people and the crooked chair umpire. To their credit the three television commentators, including John McEnroe, stated that the calls were wrong, and in two cases, shocking.

But the bottom line is that America is a rigged society in which even the most talented brother and sister can be robbed of the fruits of their labor at any moment when it pleases judges to do so. The real Bottom Line is that we the Afro-Descendants will only enjoy freedom, justice and equality when we separate from our oppressors and build our own Government and Economy on some of this Earth that we can call our own. In order to achieve that we must first establish our Human Rights inside the United Nations and secure massive Reparations.

Peace Be Unto The Righteous

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