Shame On Africa's Rulers

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Africa was in the year 2004 embroiled in self inflicted catastrophes which were precipitated by our leaders due to their lack of understanding of what self made wars could breed. Now we could not even pay our debts owed to both bilateral and multilateral donors, yet we are purchasing sophisticated and high powered military artillery for our self destruction. Shame on our leaders.

However, as we proceed into 2005, there seem to be hope for peace around the continent. In Senegal, President Abudlaye Wade , has just signed a peace protocol with the rebels, the same applies to Sudan-SPLA and Government. More recently , in Tanzania , leaders from the great lakes region signed a peace initiative. The Ugandan president has also offered an olive branch to the rebels .This year looks promising. I hope with this kind of altitude from our leaders, Africa would redeem itself from its self inflicted ruin and, reclaim its lost status on the world stage. God bless our leaders.

By Aubrey Chindefu Lusaka, Zambia. Via e-mail

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