Spreading Hiv/Aids: Inconvenient Diabolical Truths

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Mendès France wonders how one could ever sort out those Black Hiv/Aids sufferers who might have been intentionally infected by Dr. Wouter Basson and his cohorts in South Africa from those who have incurred Hiv/Aids unintentionally.

[Comment: On The Spread of Hiv/Aids]

During the 5th International Aids Society Conference on Hiv Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention recently, in Cape Town, South Africa, researchers and physicians talked about the state of the research on Hiv/Aids origin, the existing and prospective therapies as well as efficient preventive methods.

Africa South of the Sahara has very high numbers of Hiv/Aids sufferers. Yet, those who attended the important gathering might want to mull over credible evidence pointing out that criminal mass contamination of Black communities might have played a role in the spread of the disease.

In “Dr La Mort: Enquête sur un bioterrorisme d´Etat en Afrique du Sud,” (in English: “ Dr. Death: Enquiry Into A State-sponsored Bioterrorism In South Africa”), the Frenchman Tristan Mendès France argues that the “Project Coast,” a biological and chemical warfare program set up in the early 1980s in South Africa by the then Apartheid officials had diabolical objectives.

Ground zero was the Roodeplaat Research Laboratories (RRL) near Pretoria, South Africa, supervised and managed by Dr. Wouter Basson; it was designed to “develop” biological and chemical agents and products that would be used to massively sterilize Black women and men; kill them without leaving any trace; and, faking a natural death in the process, or simply infecting them with lethal biological and chemical agents and diseases such as pestilence, anthrax, cholera, Ebola virus, Hiv/Aids among others.

Mendès France wonders how one could ever sort out those Black Hiv/Aids sufferers who might have been intentionally infected by Dr. Wouter Basson and his cohorts from those who have incurred Hiv/Aids unintentionally. This is to imply that the alleged high prevalence of Hiv/Aids among people of color can also be put down to designed infection, inasmuch as may people in South Africa assume that Hiv/Aids was spread on purpose among Black communities in order to cut a swathe through those communities.

Oddly enough, although the sexual behavior of Africans isn’t that different from that of other peoples, the UN reported in 2005 that 26.2 millions Hiv/Aids patients out of 40.3 millions globally were from Africa. The same report suggests that there’re 3.25 millions new infections yearly out of 5.1 millions around the world. 2.45 millions Africans die of Aids each year out of 3.1 millions world-wide. It’s today commonly surmised that two-thirds of Hiv/Aids sufferers live in Africa South of the Sahara, with scores of Hiv/Aids patients kicking the bucket on a daily basis in South Africa.   

Moreover, according to the World Health Organization circumcision lowers the risk to incur Hiv/Aids. We know that many people in Black Africa set a high premium on circumcision, unlike some non-African peoples. Recall “The Last Plague” by the Kenyan writer Meja Mwangi.

The Frenchman Mendès France reports in his book that Dr. Wouter Basson used to travel up to 10 times a year to America and Europe, and thus got in touch with what Dr. Death himself dubbed: “The mafia of chemical weapons.” The French author states that the anthrax mail and attacks in the U.S. shortly after September 11, 2001, would have “Proceeded from the leftovers from the ‘Project Coast’ that vanished into thin air and/or into the nature.”

He wraps up the book with the remark: “As I am firming up this book, nobody knows already what the ‘Project Coast’ has become, nor whether Wouter Basson will one day be prosecuted for his criminal activities within the framework of the ‘Project Coast’.”

Tristan Mendès France told me recently that he might update his book before it could be translated into English and German.

Black Star News columnist Mathias Victorien Ntep is a PhD researcher at the Goethe – University of Frankfurt, Germany, and at the Leiden University of Leiden, Netherlands.

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