Strauss-Kahn Should Have Consulted Monderine And Other Wall Street "experts"

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Just as Strauss-Kahn allegedly attacked an African woman, Monderine allegedly forced his predominantly African-American women to have sex with him in order to remain employed at the Amex.

[Policing Wall Street]
In my previous column, “Strauss-Kahn:  No Friends In The Right Places In New York,” which was published in The Black Star News on May 25, 2011, I showed how well-connected Americans are not charged with rapes.

I showed how Robert VanCaneghan, a former member of the Board of the American Stock Exchange who was alleged to have committed several rapes was protected when the office of then Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau took no action.

Yet, Dominique Strauss-Kahn was charged with attempted rape and sexual assault and illegal imprisonment by Cyrus Vance, the current Manhattan District Attorney. 
But VanCaneghan was not the proper paradigm. 
Richard Monderine was an even better example.  Monderine was not a partner in an Amex specialist unit.  Monderine was not an Amex member.  Richard Monderine was a floor supervisor at the Amex when Arthur Levitt was Chairman of the Amex. And Monderine never had to tell his victims:  “Do you know who I am?”
Everyone at the Amex knew who Monderine was.  As a floor supervisor, Monderine determined which of his female subordinates would get promoted. And Monderine used this to his advantage. 
Strauss-Kahn, thinking of the French colonies in Africa, believed when he attempted to rape that woman from Guinea, West Africa, that she would be grateful for an introduction to French culture.

Monderine was not as educated as Strauss-Kahn.  Monderine could not speak French- the language of culture and love. 
Just as Strauss-Kahn allegedly attacked an African woman, Monderine forced his predominantly African-American women to have sex with him in order to remain employed at the Amex.
How do I know this? One day when I was a member of the Amex, an Amex employee was cursing and saying he wanted to kill Monderine.  I asked him what was wrong.  He told me that Monderine threatened to have his eighteen year old cousin fired if she did not have sex with him.  He wanted to beat up Monderine.
He told me that I was probably the only person on the floor of the Amex that did not about the allegations that Monderine forced many of his African-American subordinates to have sex with him.
I told him to forget about Monderine.  I would take care of it.  I went to Arthur Levitt’s office, but Levitt was out of town.
I told two Amex supervisors who said they would take care of it.  

There was a seismic event on the floor of the Amex.  Many Amex members were furious.  I was taking away their free sex- a prerogative that came with their membership.  In French it is called “troussage de domestique,” whichrefers the entitlement of the French upper class to demand sexual favors from domestic staff. 
Two weeks later I saw Arthur Levitt.  I told him what had happened- but he had already been notified by the governors.
Monderine had the backing of the Amex floor governors, past and present.
So Levitt bowed to the wishes of the governors and Monderine was not fired. I reported the alleged sexual misconduct to a Federal District Judge in writing.
Some years later Monderine was even promoted to be in charge of floor operations. A cocaine and alcohol abuser, who allegedly forced his African-American subordinates to have sex with him, was rewarded. 
Monderine had the backing of Arthur Levitt, who was a personal friend of Morgenthau.
Monderine like Strauss-Kahn --who before his recent hotel alleged sexual assault had a coerced "affair" with a subordinate at the IMF-- believed that he was entitled to sex from those, whose employment was dependent upon his performance evaluation. 

Monderine did not speak French but apparently was also a firm believer in “troussage de domestique.”

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