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Public schools facing budget cuts and growing needs are leaving teachers in crowded classrooms increasingly unable to work with students one-on-one.  A Florida-based national tutoring company has developed a program to help students learn, with expert help by their side, in an environment more suited to their needs.

The company, Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Services, celebrated its 10th year of operation in 2005, and is now the largest one-on-one tutoring company in the world.  Club Z!’s Area Directors are on call at 350 locations nationwide to serve students and their parents locally.

When parents make contact with a Club Z! office, the Area Director schedules a time to visit the family at home. This initial meeting is dedicated to getting to know the student and identifying the goals the family would like to reach. The result is a tutoring plan tailored to the student's learning style, in any of the dozens of subject areas for which tutors are available.  

A carefully chosen tutor, who is an expert in the subject area and compatible with the child's personality, will work with the family to arrange a flexible and convenient schedule for tutoring. The family can choose nearly any time of the day or week that suits their schedule.  Tutor and student usually meet in the student's home, although sessions can occur at any quiet place free from distractions, such as a school, library, or community center. 

The combination of individualized attention and a secure learning environment is the key to Club Z!’s success. Parents appreciate not having to drive their child to a learning center at inconvenient times. Parents can also choose how often their child will meet with the tutor, and are not bound by long-term contracts. Additionally, increased interest in home schooling has brought parents to Club Z!, seeking quality in-home learning experiences for their children.

The company has strict requirements for its tutors, and not everyone qualifies to  work with Club Z! students. Tutors must be state-certified teachers or degreed professionals, and must demonstrate a passion for teaching and the ability to motivate students. Students work at their own pace on material directly from their school's curriculum. Parents are kept closely informed of their child's progress, meeting with the tutor after each session, until the tutoring plan goals are achieved.

In addition to tutoring services for school-aged children, Club Z! offers tutoring for adults and "at risk" or "special needs" students. Beyond the core subjects, Club Z! tutors also work with students one-on-one with unique programs to develop study skills and to help students prepare for assessment testing such as SAT and ACT, as well as to provide specialized support services such as speech therapy, foreign language instruction, and music lessons.

Information on Club Z! services is available at www.clubztutoring.com.

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