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It turns out that my claim against the school and its staff was detrimental to many people; more importantly the Mayor himself.

[Letter From A Reader]

Re: "EEOC Pepetrates A Fraud," September 5.

Dear Mr. Winkfield,

My name is George Escalante and I am writing to you at this time to commend you on covering this story The EEOC
Perpetrates Fraud and helping to expose the truth behind such a major cooperation and agency. 

The truth is, I am nowhere near surprised based on a similar experience that I have gone through and still going through.  You see, I filed a claim with the New York City Commission on Human Rights to investigate discrimination that I had experienced with my former employer (a charter school). 

As it turns out, the initial investigator assured me that everything was going in my favor for an entire year and some change. 

There were times that she would even refuse further evidence and made comments such as, "We don't need that Mr. Escalante. Everything is looking real good for you."

Then I get the decision by the Commission itself and it was the total opposite.  When I called the investigator back, she seemed upset that I was inquiring and then disclosed to me that the investigation was taken from her and that she had nothing to do with the decision.

During the investigation and through the documents that I received, it seems like many tactics were being used to get my cased thrown out and thoroughly carried out.  For instance, they constantly misspelled the defendants name and in one instance, even combined my first name together with the defendant's last name, attempting to create a person that did not exist.

There was also a situation where they sent me documents with the wrong claim number.  It turns out that my claim against the school and its staff was detrimental to many people; more importantly the Mayor himself.  For the past two years, it's been very clear that the entire City and it's agencies have been intertwined with each other in attempting to keep my exposing of this school on the "hush" and swept under a rug.

Since the decision, I have taken everything to the State Supreme Court level and I'm hoping that the judge does a thorough enough investigation to reach the truth in my matter.

I thank you very much for your time and again express proper accolades for printing stories about truth. 

I think that it is highly important for people to start realizing what really is happening behind closed doors and not just accepting stories from fixed media outlets.

Black Star News holds a light of integrity that other publications don't and that's because of stories like these. 

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