The Tactical Dojo Molds Mind, Body, Positive Attitude

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The rigorous training exercises instill a discipline of body and mind that shapes social behavior in an urban setting which is challenging to students whether tiny tots, teenagers, women, men and even seniors.

[Body, Spirit, Mind]
If you're searching for a Karate School to teach your youngster, boy or girl, the martial arts through physical exercise discipline and intellectual challenges, then look no further than Tactical Dojo at 1670 Fulton Street corner of Schenectady Avenue.

The school meets Wednesday and Thursday from 5:00-8:00 pm and Saturday 11:00-2:00. Students are given an ID to show they belong to the school and they are also required to provide a medical history and sign a release absolving the school in the event of injury.

Soke Rasul Nasir 10th Dan Karate should be complemented for founding and maintaining a Tactical Dojo in Central Brooklyn. (Islam is rooted in Nasir 
Ryu system of self defense.) This Martial Arts School of Higher Learning is a proud African American martial arts family that teaches young and old, male and female, self-defense techniques in Karate, Ju-Jitsu, Nin-Jitsu and Akido or sword play.

The quintessential difference between Tactical Dojo’s Nasir Ryu’s system and other similar schools, especially in the Borough of Brooklyn, is that Soke Rasul Nasir emphasizes an intellectual component that compliments the physical rigors of martial arts.

He challenges young people to be and do better as scholars, citizens and thinkers through his unique system of martial arts. They are also taught how to follow instructions and the value of respect and responsibility with an emphasis on study to grow in knowledge. In this experience, students are taught falls, blocks, locks, throws, kicks, sweeps, punches, roll-outs, stick fighting, knife throwing, board breaking, as well as the use of weapons and even how to guard against use of the gun and sudden attacks.

The rigorous training exercises instill a discipline of body and mind that shapes social behavior in an urban setting which is challenging to students whether tiny tots, teenagers, women, men and even seniors. The school’s motto of being ready expressed in the Dojo’s Creed, teaches young people the ways of gentleness and survival and equally the virtues of humility, respect and seriousness in pursuit of excellence. This process also cultivates a confidence and intellectual awareness designed to broaden students’ awareness which spills over in their academic pursuits.

The broader vision is generally encouraged through research of a wide variety of student chosen Speech Contest topics that awards prizes to the top three winners. To compliment these exercises, field trips to significantly historical sites, award ceremonies where students demonstrate their skills, bowling outings, Book Fairs, a walking tour to Prospect Park and a recent trip to the world famous Apollo Theater in Harlem help broaden the world view and perspective of these students.

Last fall Soke sponsored a tremendous martial arts exhibit and knife throwing exercise at a Long Island outing. A Tactical Dojo Family Power component helps coordinate “activities beyond the mat,” and to some extent fundraise through book and cake sales. Promotional exercises where parents and visitors are invited are other ways of demonstrating student skills and to encourage recruitment. A one-time Family Day Workout, for a nominal fee, teaches members and selected visitors a single self-defense technique that can prove useful in any threatening situation. As they grow in the Belt System students also earn Certificates to show their proficiency in the various 28 systems of Nasir Ryu.

Soke Rasul is a prolific writer who has documented his nearly 50 years teaching and practicing martial arts as well as recognizing and perpetuating the work and memory of Black Martial Arts practitioners. Using his journalistic skills, he has ensured that there is sufficient recorded evidence of his system of Nasir Ryu that it will not be forgotten.

Equally, his students are trained to perpetuate the Nasir Ryu system. Those martial artists whose biographies were maintained in his writings of books, magazines, his Word-Search Puzzles and photographic displays are equally remembered whether or not they themselves have documented their style or experiences. Soke recommends books such as The Art of War, Golden Trade of the Moors, The Code of the Samurai, Secrets of the Ninja, The Book of Five Rings and Asian Fighting Arts, among others. He recommends movies such as The Last Samurai and others that emphasize use of the sword, whether Ninja or Samurai.

Thus, undergirded and strengthened by the intellectual component, his martial arts school of higher learning, truly sets itself apart from other schools of similar training. In addition, Soke maintains an attractive Facebook and Social Network community where he frequently posts Tactical Dojo information as he consistently tries to increase his more than 35 elevated black belt awardees in his system.

The contact is and 347-350-7531.

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