Times Square Mural: Art or Eyesore?

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Rally today at 6:00 pm, Times Square at 42nd Street between 7th & 8th Aves

A rally has been called by Black, Caribbean and Latina women and concerned organizations, and scheduled to take place in Times Square this evening during rush hour, over a Times Square mural (Located at 215 West 42nd Street Between 7th and 8th Avenue) which negatively depicts Black and Latino women as scantily clad prostitutes.

The Phenomenal Women Group, Inc. along with other popular and influential women's Meetup. com group organizers who play host to numerous events for savvy professional people of color, are livid over what they call an "embarrassing excuse for art." The groups have commenced a massive protest publicly and over the Internet, targeted at the Times Square Alliance's executive board  and calling for the resignation or firing of its Director of Art Projects, Glenn Weiss and removal of the mural.

"The Alliance thought that this issue was just going to go away., but it is not  This rally is not about the artist who painted the mural as much as it is about the Times Square Alliance's disrespect to Black and Latino New Yorkers , including their own staff, 80% of whom are minorities.  The Times Square Alliance's  own staff members are complaining about continuous discriminatory practices on the job. The ignorance of the Alliance and their insensitive display of this poor excuse for Art, clearly speaks and supports the grievances of their staff," stated Community Advocate Anthony Herbert.

Herbert further stated that Times Square Alliance staff members  have telephoned him in confidence to complain that they had gone to the Alliance's executive staff just before the mural was to be unveiled,  expressing their discontent in what the mural depicts and were told to shut up and go back to work. Herbert added that the staffers have expressed to him their  appreciation that the community has stepped up to challenge the mural that they find offensive.

"We are rallying to bring attention to the Alliance's lack of respect for their staff, all minorities here in New York and beyond, and to call on Mayor Bloomberg and the City Council to find a better way to utilize our tax dollars," Herbert concluded.

The Times Square Alliance denies any authenticity to the controversy against the mural and the organization, and stand their ground that the picture remains.

The rally to have the mural removed, which expects The Phenomenal Women Group, Inc., sororities, fraternities,  professional organizations, clergy, The Urban Community Council/Community Advocate Anthony "Tony" Herbert, and various community leaders will take place tonight, Wednesday March 17 at 6:00 pm in front of 215 West 42nd Street at Times Square.

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