U.S. Helps "Rebels" Murdering Black Libyans

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I.F. Stone said all governments lie. What’s ironic is America’s first Black president is helping racists "rebels" to attain power in Libya.

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Misrata Ethnically Cleansed of Blacks Says Wall Street Journal...

The implication is bewildering. Could it be true the Libyan “rebels”—who we’re told are fighting to protect innocent civilians—are now committing mass murder, lynching and terrorizing Black Libyans and African migrant workers?

Sadly, the evidence is mounting that this awful truth is exactly the case in Libya—right now. Ironically, we know this, partly, because of reporting done by the conservative Wall Street Journal publication in an article on June 21. Where the hell is the New York Times, CNN and all those, supposedly, “liberal” news organizations on a story of such macabre magnitude?

The Wall Street Journal story, reports that the “rebels” who’re, supposedly, fighting to save the Libyan people, have unleashed a wave of racial violence against Black Libyans, and, other Africans who find themselves caught in the war zone.  Apparently, these “liberators” are busy trying to “ethnically cleanse” Black Libyans from towns like Tawergha, which is heavily populated by Black Libyans, having already completed the deed in Misrata, which is Libya's third largest city.

They’re also attacking African migrant workers in the country. It’s now clear these “rebels” have mercenary kill-units sporting slogans like “the brigade for purging slaves, black skin.”

The Wall Street Journal piece also quotes rebel commander Ibrahim al-Halbous saying “They (Black Libyans) should pack up. Tawergha no longer exists, only Misrata.”

Isn’t this a clear declaration of their intent to exterminate Black Libyans in Tawergha and destroy that city?  It’s reported by The Journal that Colonel Muhammar al-Quathafi was distrustful of the powerful White Libyan merchant families in Misrata. With good reason, it seems. All Black Libyans, who were living in Misrata, have now, apparently, been “purged” from Misrata.

Is the slaughter of Blacks by these “rebels” acceptable to the Western “international community?” Where is the outrage from The New York Times editorial page, which this week was still urging NATO to continue bombardment? Is there any concern for these civilians who’re been attacked by these terroristic thugs? The lie that Libya hired African mercenaries to attack Libyans has now been exposed as a farce and cover story to justify the slaughter of Black civilians.

Isn’t the protection of civilians the justification we were given by NATO, President Obama and French President Nicholas Sarkozy for their targeting of Colonel Quathafi and the current bombing campaign?

Let’s talk about the French president, who initiated this latest episode of imperial meddling. This week, we hear the schizophrenic Sarkozy has been arming these violent insurrectionists in violation of United Nations sanctions.

This little man tells the world Quathafi is evil. Yet, it wasn’t so long ago he pretended to be on friendly terms with Quathafi. He even, apparently, accepted largess from the Libyan government to finance his 2007 presidential campaign. It’s alleged he hasn’t given back this money. Some say Sarkozy is seeking to boost his fledgling poll numbers against right-wing presidential candidate Marine Le Pen for France’s upcoming 2012 elections. Is Sarkozy also seeking to clear his debt?

We were first told NATO was only bombing to implement a no-fly zone to protect civilians. However, over time the language has shifted to regime change. Western interlopers have rejected the cease fire plans of the African Union. Ironically, following the recent African Union meeting this week in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, the "rebels" have now accepted the AU peace plan. It call's for an internationally-monitored ceasefire, negotiations, and democratic elections.

Not surprisingly The New York Times has not covered the news since it does not deem it "fit to print." Hillary Clinton and Sarkozy haven't uttered a word about the Libyans' accepting the AU plan. So whose war in Libya really is it? Can you imagine if the fate of Black humanity was left to the tender mercies and the discretion of the editorial writers of The New York Times?

France’s arming of the “rebels” has been called “a very crude violation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1970," by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Resolution 1970, enacted last February, imposed an arms embargo in the Libyan conflict--Resolution 1973 placed the no-fly zone.

France may also be in violation of European Union (EU) laws regarding arms trading. The Obama White House is again backing France’s unilateral decision to arm these insurrectionists. This development is inexplicable, since, overwhelming evidence shows these “rebels” are the same terrorists highlighted in the Sinjar Records, which I wrote about months ago.

This important report has been virtually ignored by the media, which is alarming, given, its damning findings. The Sinjar Records are a cache of files seized on the battlefield in Iraq in 2007. They contain sensitive information on the demographics, and vital statistics, of those who were fighting—against America—in the Iraq War. The Sinjar Records were analyzed at West Point Military Academy by Colonel Joseph Felter and Brian Fishman.

One of the study’s most chilling findings was this observation: “Libya contributed far more fighters per capita than any other nationality…including Saudi Arabia.” And the report, specifically, links the Benghazi and Darnah areas—which is where these Libyan “rebels” hail from—as “the most common cities that these fighters called home.” Question: why is America supporting these racist terrorists seeking to overthrow Libya’s government?

Those who deem themselves the moral voices and will of the “international community” tell us they’re dropping bombs on Tripoli to stop Colonel Quathafi from the killing of innocents. Since when did Western imperialists care so much about people in Africa?

Oil, and colonial geopolitics, is at work here. These are the same people who’ve impoverished Africa and the other non-white nations of the world. And now we’re supposed to trust what they tell us about Colonel Quathafi? I don’t think so. For those who had any doubts be thankful to The Wall Street Journal for breaking the solidarity of silence among major media about the ethnic cleansing of Black Libyans.

Journalist I.F. Stone once said “All governments lie.” So, it shouldn’t be shocking to us the Obama White House also engages in lying, to achieve their peculiar political objectives. It’s part of the Machiavellian political concept of retaining power. But what’s ironic is America’s first Black president is now, inadvertently, helping racists—who’re killing Africans—to attain power in Libya.

President Obama says Colonel Quathafi must go. Mr. President, its NATO and Western imperialism that must go.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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