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“Life should be about taking risks, not just any risks just the ones that are tactful, beneficial.�

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Where She’s From: Model Ms. Vanessa, whose sign is Cancer, was born in Hayward, California and raised in Sacramento, where she now resides. “I was raised in a single parent home with a younger sister. My mother played the role of both parents as I grew up,” she tells The Black Star News, noting that she came out quite great.

“She raised us the best she can and always encouraged us to put God first and to always love each other. I love my mother for always keeping it real with my sister and I because now we are more aware of the influences and consequences that make life what it is.”

Where She’s At: Vanessa attends a community college as she develops her modeling career. “I just received my first AA degree in Social Science in May 2007 and will receive another AA in Business this coming spring,” she notes. She will then transfer in the fall of 2008 to pursue her BA in Business Management and Entrepreneurship and will also relocate to southern California following her passion for modeling.

“I started really getting into modeling after I won an online contest to be in a website’s first promotional calendar,” Vanessa adds. “I became January 2006 and Centerfold. But I have always had a passion to be in pictures or just attract attention in general. I started my own fashion club in high school and trained my models how to walk the runway diva style and used our photography classes to help the models build a portfolio. I was the first in my high school to start a fashion club and I hear the legend still carries on.”

“I am hoping my passion reaches out to the right people who will exposure me in an inspirational way displaying my ability to be versatile and unique,” Vanessa says. “I have taken modeling onto a whole new level, after viewing my portfolio you can see I attempt to think outside the box as I try to change up my look and character with every pose.”

“I want to explore different aspects involved in the industry hoping to end up being one who inspires those who look at modeling as a sense of art and not sex appeal even though, I am highly capable of proving I can stay competitive through that sense,” she continues, adding that acting and starting her own agency are also goals.

“There are a lot of times I feel that I am not up to par and get discouraged that I won’t get noticed by the right people,” Vanessa says, when asked about challenges. “So to conquer that challenge, I continue building on my portfolio. I have over 3,000 images. If I feel that I can’t keep up with the glam aspect of modeling, I would go into more artistic and creative aspects just to prove that I am more than the average model because I look beyond the norm and seek for niches that will keep people interested in my work.”

This tireless lady, in addition to full time school also holed a 40-hours-a-week job between modeling. “My schedule is usually busy. I summarize it as work, school, sleep, and weekend shoots,” she laughs.
So how does this beautiful young model prepare to step out?

“I love all Victoria Secret Fragrances, brands, and styles. But I am a thrift shopper so I am always looking for the better deal. I don’t feel that name brand items are a necessity,” she says.

Vanessa’s Words Of Wisdom: “Life should be about taking risks, not just any risks just the ones that are tactful, beneficial.”
Vanessa’s Secrets Of Success: “Watch your market, have a passion behind what you do, and never settle for less.”
Vanessa’s Favorite Three Movies: “What’s Love Got To Do With It, Radio,
Singing In The Rain.”
Three Leaders That Have Most Inspired Vanessa: “Iman, Tina Turner, Tyra Banks.”
The First Three Things Vanessa Would Do As President: “Find a way to improve education funding, end the war in Iraq, and improve funding and resources to restore dysfunctional households.”
Some Of Vanessa’s Favorite Cars: “Mitsubishi 3000GT; Dodge Viper; Chrysler 300.”
Vanessa’s Five Favorite Entertainers And Songs: “Erykah Badu-Next Lifetime, Trina- Sexy Girl, Corrine Bailey-Enchantment, Mary J Blige-Mary, and Aretha Franklin-Dr. FeelGood.”
Vanessa’s Five Favorite Websites: “ModelMayhem, MySpace, Black Enterprise, BET and Black Star News.”
A Short Vanessa Story: “I am an aspiring model looking for a vast variety of experience in the modeling industry, as well as opportunities in the entertainment industry. I have taken into account that I would be most valuable in print opportunities, most creative in project coordination, and suitable comfortable in busy environments.
I have a strong desire to excel at being a valuable asset to all that is assigned and privileged to me. I am professional and ethical by all means while seeking connections with those who will be most beneficial to my path of success. And I am hoping to achieve being one of the most inspirational petite models to all who admire my capabilities.”

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