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The following was an interview conducted by Black Star News with Wendy Williams at the studio of 107.5 during her radio show right before the Presidential election. Williams, is the somewhat controversial radio personality who has been making waves for years by commenting and in many cases telling the public about the many escapades of celebrities. Her last book, The Wendy Williams Experience made the New York Times' best-seller list. This book is follow-up to her first best-selling book, Wendy's Got the Heat. 

At the time of the interview, the vibrant, always immaculately dressed, host was commencing "advice hour," a regular feature on her four-hour daily show.

She began by taking a call from a listener who wanted to know if she should ask her husband to get penile enlargement, even though they already had a great sex life. Williams, not one to mince words, responded by saying "Sure you can ask him but if he does it, he will always be hurt and view you as a whore." She added, with a chuckle,  "Women have to take into account that men have very fragile egos." And with that we began our interview.

BSN: How do you keep your life so balanced being a mother, wife, radio personality, and you can also add author? How do you juggle everything?

Wendy: First, I take care of myself physically. I take my vitamins, GNC ultra-Mega. It’s a big ass vitamin and it makes my urine look like I shot up heroine (green). I also try to know when to say no to things that don’t affect my bottom line. I’m going to focus on all the relationships that mean something to me. I’m now better able to see what really matters. My parents, sister, brother. I’ve become a bit more callous in my dealings with people because I simply don’t have time. But Oh, well.

BSN: There’s a point in your book when you say that a certain photo of yours
represented the closest you've come to being an ideal young person. What did that mean?

Wendy: I think I meant about my size. I’m referring to my size and referring to how I’m raising my son. Like sending my son to Martha’s Vineyard. I don’t go anymore, but I send our son with my mother and father because going to Martha’s Vineyard as a Black person is so much about culture.

BSN: Do you consider yourself a role model?

Wendy: I consider myself a role model but I don’t live my life thinking about it because I have faults like everyone else and I may say things that you may not want your daughter to hear. For example, I am pro-choice. So, if you ask me what to do, I’m gonna say look into exercising your choices. That may not be what you expect from a role-model. I consider myself a role-model because you guys tell me I am, but in my mind, I’m living my life. See, I actually think that there are no real role-models except your parents because you see the good and the bad. But with people in the media, all you see is the good except for when you see the bad, and then you only see a moment. You don’t see the repercussions of the good, like when you can’t walk outside your house,
and people are stalking.

BSN: In your book, you talk about the thirst and young people wanting the bling and willing to do anything for it.  With the proliferation of reality TV, young people feel like they want all the luxurious things that they see people on TV having. Do you have any suggestions for people who aren’t willing to do just anything for the bling?

Wendy: Well, remember how you get it, is how you keep it and the reputation that surrounds you when you get it. So if you suck dick or sleep with your boss to get have a measure of success, just remember that there will always be women like me who got there legitimately and will look at you like you’re not really a part of this club. My desire had always been to be the fly woman at the stop-light. You know the fabulous woman you see at the stop-light who might be driving a Lexus, while you’re in your old beat-up car. She has on sunglasses, her nails are done, and her jewelry is on time. She looks expensive and like life is good. I always wanted to be the woman at the traffic light and now that I am her and I now know that problems are still problems. But what you should also remember is that her sunglasses are hiding black and blue marks and that the car was purchased through illegal wranglings and it's about to be repossessed. Sometimes what you have at the stop-light is all you own because you're living in a one bedroom apartment with roaches. I got to be the woman at the stop-light through hard-work. So, if there is something that you really want, work hard to attain it.  Because once you get there, there is no better feeling of knowing that you made it on the fruits of your labor, not the fruit of your boss’s loins. Focus on what you want and get it.

BSN: You’ve been so good at carving out your career. Did you know that that was what you were doing when doing it?

Wendy: I didn’t know I was carving anything. I knew that I wanted easy hours, fours of being a disc jockey. I also knew that there was a bit of celebrity that I liked. I also knew that I wanted love in my life. The love that a husband could bring, not to say that love lasts forever. I just know that I wanted the love and stability of a marriage. And that was more of a focus than my career, not that I spent time obsessing about it. I just knew that at the end of the day, I can’t just be a career woman, needed to go home to a strong relationship, not just a live-in love. And definitely not some man with other kids. I can’t even relate to a baby’s momma. If I were a single woman now at my age, I would be forced to deal with a baby’s momma by virtue of who I’d be dating in the dating pool. I never dated anyone with kids, except for this dirty rapper that I once dated. I always thought I was too good for it. I made a conscious effort to take advantage of the way my parents raised me and to use birth control throughout college and to speak English properly and present myself in a certain way. So, if I made a conscious effort in all these things then I’m not settling for a man with two kids.

BSN: Do you regret any interviews?

Wendy: No, I have no regrets and I don’t have favorites or least favorite. I don’t have the luxury of having A-list celebrities come through. I know Oprah would never come on the show, although I should never say never. But I know what I put out there and I’m not willing to change it and I’ve made this choice. The show is what it is. If I try to be something that I’m not, it would mess up the PH (balance) of the show and yeah if I changed my show maybe I would get Jay-Z during the best of both worlds tour and maybe Oprah would swing here when she’s running the New York City marathon. Maybe Puffy and Beyonce. But then, maybe not. And what most people know is that guests don't make the show. I know that I scare them off. We get B-list people. I mean I love heather Hunter and then there are the people that I can trick like Jenna Jamison, who isn't from the hood and didn't realize that she may not want to come on the show. So, I get Trick Daddy instead of Usher. But we have fun.

BSN: Speaking of Usher, I saw him running away from you on the VHI show Wendy Williams On Fire. What was that about?

Wendy: It was about him putting it out there that he had a baby with another woman while he was with Chili (member of TLC) so that he could sell albums. (This was discussed in many circles once his song called "Confessions" came out which referred to him having a baby out of wedlock). I was cornering him and screaming obnoxiously to him. But if I weren't screaming obnoxiously than maybe Wendy Williams On Fire wouldn't be on fire.

BSN: Are you interested in politics at all?

Wendy: Mildly interested in an election year. We don't talk politics on the show because we have other things to talk bout. I mean I'll vote, although I'm not sure my vote counts. I'm not sure. Bush is going to win this election. How do we know elections haven't been rigged in the past. I'd rather talk about Britney and Kevin Federline.

BSN: Why don't you have your own talk show? I think I had heard rumblings that you would have one.

Wendy: We always get to the drawing board and my feeling is that white people don't know how Black people need to be projected. I've been in enough meetings where I look at my husband and we both say "Whitey don't get it" And I am not willing to lose the base that I have because you threw the whack juice on me. So, now I've lost my radio base and three months later, I lose my show.  Now you have me out to pasture like Ananda Lewis.

BSN: Why do you have such harsh words for the dirty back-packers, particularly Lauryn Hill?

Wendy: Well, Lauryn Hill is crazy. I love natural loving people. I love India.Arie, Jil Scott and Angie Stone. I love Karen Hunter, my co-writer. What I don't like about her (Lauryn Hill) is that she makes all these references like Black people getting hair done like Europeans, yeah, so at least we aren't having kids out of wed-lock. How are you gonna preach when you're fucking with a married man. And don't get me wrong, I was going to be a mother before becoming a wife. But don’t preach if you're also fucking Wyclef. That crazy-ass bitch. Please, I can get more sisterly love from a white woman. You get your house together first. I mean when I called Bobbi Christina's mom (Whitney Houston), a crackhead. I knew what I was talking about because I used to be one. I said it. I said it because I have a child now and I'll be damned if he was going to think his mother was a crackhead or whore.

BSN: What is your feeling about plastic surgery?

Wendy: If you have a problem and you have the resources to fix it, fix it. If you're getting older, fight it. Need glasses, get laser surgery. Get botox injections.  Like with everything else in life: fight it.

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