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These are comments from readers on the difference in views between Harris and Wyche on Minucci.

Comment received July 5, 2006

Speaking of banter, Why didn't you address the reason your "young brothers!  One of our Sisters’ sons!   Brothers!  Grandsons!" were in Howard Beach. As you are aware one of the fools admitted they were there for stealing a car. But of course that does not matter to you, as you felt the need to leave it out of your one sided article.
Speaking of drool, you are just as bad as  Marjorie Harris .

Frankie Casino


I am not dismissing the fact that they allegedly admitted they were there to steal a car, and it does matter to me very much.  I do not condone anyone breaking the law.  However, vigilantism is a crime, as well.  And bashing in a person's scull can be deemed attempted murder.  Yes, I admit I'm somewhat one-sided on this issue.  On one side, you have some youths planning to steal a car.  On the other side, you have this guy bashing in another guy's skull, practically killing him.  Yep.  I'd say I'm one-sided about the effects of that.


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