What Will 110th Congress Do?

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What will the 110th Congress do about the the spiraling state of affairs in which we find ourselves?

Will this Congress, unlike the last, hold this “decider” in-chief accountable for his deadly actions? Time alone will answer all of these questions.

Going into 2007, the first order of business for this Congress should be: how to alleviate the disaster in Iraq. The outgoing Republican Congress made a mockery of the concept of governmental checks and balances by rubber stamping some of the most crippling legislation to fund a  war that is creating more terrorism in our world. The American taxpayer is being squeezed to fuel the war of oil barons who care nothing about all the people getting hurt in pursuit of their profit margin.

In Iraq, the situation gets worse every day as the country teeters on the brink of destruction. These days all the talk is of “sectarian” violence and religious conflicts between the Shiites and Sunnis. Some pundits are now shifting the burden of fixing Iraq onto the Iraqis. It seems that all our nation is capable of is destroying. Before the start of the war there was much talk of “shock and awe.” Now the only shock is the awesome destruction, mayhem and deaths.

The president along with Dick Cheney and the friends at Halliburton, Bechtel and other firms have used the treasury of the American people like their personal ATM. Halliburton has repeatedly inflated their bills for the “services” they provide in Iraq. Imagine, they even have the nerve to overcharge the troops for their meals.

The last Congress not only did nothing about any of this—it in fact greased the way for the utter fleecing of the American flock. Repeatedly, taking from the American poor to give more tax breaks to the rich. Remember how the president pushed his tax breaks for the rich only a few weeks after Hurricane Katrina while thousands were blown all over the country in this catastrophic disaster? The utter lack of concern for the needy in that dire hour should have informed us about the lack of humanity. The last Congress facilitated all of this gluttony with a wink and a nod. What will this Congress do?

This last election, the American people spoke out about this war and where the country was heading by voting out Republican leadership. The 2006 election is historic in many ways. It has given us not only the first female Speaker of the House, but it has also given us the first Muslim Congressman and the first socialist Congressman. The people have spoken that they are tired of the business-as-usual approach in Congress. The people are ready for a serious change in course in Iraq and in America.

But the question remains: what will this Congress do?

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