Why Republicans Hate Pre-Election Jobs Creation

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Multi-millionaire Romney's priority is not jobs creation. He and other Republican politicos see advantage in job losses and higher unemployment.

[Black Star News Editorial]

Listening to the pundits talk about the new jobs report --showing the creation of 80,000 new jobs last month--  is like watching a comedy show.

The talking heads and politico pundits didn't dare to state the obvious: any "dismal" jobs report is excellent news for Republican leaders and politicians salivating about the prospects of recapturing the White House.

Yet Republicans, including presidential candidate Mitt Romney, are allowed to shed crocodile tears on television without being challenged.

Republican leaders believe that the only way they can regain the White House is for the economy to tank. Even the 80,000 new jobs created in June gives some Republican politicos chest pains. They actually would feel much better if the monthly reports start showing net losses between now and November.

What's the proof that Republicans aren't interested in jobs creation? Republican lawmakers voted overwhelmingly against the stimulus package without which most certainly the U.S. economy could have run over the cliff into another Great Depression.

The stimulus rescued the automobile industry, created new jobs, and allowed hundreds of thousands of public employees to retain their jobs. The nation has come from losing more than 700,000 jobs a month to actually complaining when we create "only" 80,000 new jobs.

The president has not gotten adequate credit for having created 4.4 million jobs from the time he inherited George W. Bush's "Great Recession."  How can any pundit, with a brain, discuss monthly jobs reports without making any reference to the 4.4 million jobs created during the Obama administration? Millions of more jobs could have been created had Republicans worked with the White House to invest in public works and infrastructure building.

In a more honest and rational society President Obama would actually be heralded as a great leader who prevented the country from sliding into a Great Depression. Such is politics.

Romney talks about the president's "failure" on the economy. He does not mention a single proposal for rescuing the economy. Romney can't have a jobs creation plan. For much of his adult life he's focused on mastering the art of maximizing corporate profits. As he famously put it: corporations are people too.

Romney was brilliant in what he did; his firm, Bain Capital, acquired companies that were down-sized and "turned" around to become "profitable."  Romney created profits by eliminating jobs.

He also did create jobs but not for Americans: he outsourced work overseas.

When Romney had a brief stint as a public servant, as governor of Massachusetts, his state was third-to-last in jobs creation nationally. The one good thing he did was introduce Obamacare, years before President Obama.

Romney's priority is not jobs creation. Otherwise, he would be urging Republicans in Congress to pass jobs-creating legislation between now and November. Instead, he and other Republican politicos see advantage in job losses and higher unemployment.

Multi-millionaire Romney believes his best path to the White House is when more and more Americans can't put food on the table between now and November.

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