Why The Center Must Hold

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The Clintons are rending America’s progressive alliance into tatters. Employing the same hate and fear once unleashed against them, realistically, what else could their intention be, other than go out with a destructive, spiteful “we told you so”-bang?

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Who remains mystified at $4.00-plus gasoline?

Blessedly, the current Administration, intimately connected to the energy industry, is rapidly drawing to a close. Surprise! The closer we approach the end of the Bush Administration and its direct control, the more expensive fuel grows?

So, if and when the United States does bomb Iran, in the name of making us safe, don’t be deceived. On both “sides”, more people will be dead and more resources, that might have fed the hungry or educated little kids, will be ill-retrievably lost.

Alas, faced with even more poor, frustrated and oppressed Middle-Easterners maimed and slain for coveting the same status symbol weaponry held by Israel, India and Pakistan, we’ll in fact be less secure rather than safer.

But, in the sad aftermath, there is one thing we can count on absolutely: gas will cost, at a minimum $5.00 more per gallon than it currently does. Consequentially, our President and Vice President will be far richer than they were, even as most of us become ever more overwhelmed by our quest to make ends meet.

Moreover, it’s just the sort of crisis atmosphere that this attack will cause, that’s counted on to ensure the succession of Senator John McCain, to what will amount to a third Bush term.

Apparently, the Clintons are doing their best to bring it about.

Pitting poor Blacks against poor, to use her term, “hard working” Whites, they divide us. Telling women, expectant of gaining that greatest prize, how an elite opportunist, pretending to be a victimized minority, is out to steal their long deferred dream; the Clintons are rending America’s progressive alliance into tatters. Employing the same hate and fear once unleashed against them, realistically, what else could their intention be, other than go out with a destructive, spiteful “we told you so”-bang?

However painful, it’s time to face hard facts. Whichever dynastic house one considers, Clinton or Bush, these sovereigns and pretenders both are clearly as naked as the hour they were born.

What’s hard to admit, is how the person most responsible for President Bush's eight year reign of world wide terror is none other than Bill Clinton.

If it’s only his business, what he does privately, it is his duty to keep it so. The reckless indulgence, the finger waving sanctimony, the unseemly struggle to survive, were all a costly waste of great gifts and opportunity. Given the surplus yielding economy, might we have avoided George Bush altogether with a noble retreat by Clinton?

Golly! Imagine, eight prosperous, forward-looking, fear-free years led by Albert Gore!

Under circumstances such as these surely, Senator Hillary Clinton’s rise would have been automatic. Only such self-sacrifice never happened, because the Clintons’ ambition was made more important than what was best for the party, for the country or even for history.

Unfortunately, so ill-proportioned is the Clinton ego, that it was and is assumed that America’s well-being and the Clintons’ success are indivisibly, one and the same. From Harlem to Harare, this miscalculation is the very cause of many of the world’s worst problems.

Long made morally superior, through tyranny and by a lack of opportunity, African Americans and women are impatient to display their talents today. Sadly, some have come to feel that their personal advancement, however iniquitously gained, also represents collective achievement for their group. To stoop to immoral methods for many, merely amounts to an essential adaptation of the pragmatic way of the world, perennially employed by rulers to great effect.

Widely held, as common to Amanda Mortimer Burden, as to Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe’s president), to Vladimir V. Putin (the power in Russia) as to Inez Dickens (the pro-developers council member in Harlem), to Hillary Clinton (the candidate whose chance has evaporated), as to Omar Hassan al Bashir (the Sudan strongman), this attitude is a delusion of self aggrandizement, no matter how sincere.

Conversely, what the future requires, what human evolution demands, is not some servile fawning imitation of what’s already occurred, but leadership to some better place we’ve never been to.

Like many, I love the past and the comforting assurance of continuity. But the only real value associated with what’s already occurred, is the ability it affords us to go back in time to discover ourselves. This is what makes preserving the physical framework of history so important. It’s a dynamic visual aid in our effort to emulate triumphs and to avoid mistakes.

The, “Blacks don’t care about heritage,” failure to landmark certain New York enclaves, the, “who cares which way it faces, ” relocation of the Hamilton Grange, the “we deserve your neighborhood more than you because we are going to cure cancer,” expansion of Columbia University, the “White people are more stable residents than Asians who can commute to work in the kitchen,” rezoning of the Lower East Side and the publicly subsidized destruction and replacement of Yankee Stadium, millions over budget now, much as it’s renovation in the 70’s was, all of this, is a modern lesson in what we in a great city ought strive, not to copy, but to avoid.

Note To Readers: For those interested in inspecting for themselves what's at stake in the controversy surrounding the pending Hamilton Grange move, Michael Henry Adams will be conducting a walking tour of the villa's environs on Saturday May 31st at 11:o'clock




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