Williams Did Not Die Meekly

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They said inserting the IVs to administer the lethal chemicals took nearly 20 minutes, with staff having particular difficulty getting a needle into Williams' left arm. Witness Crystal Carreon of the Sacramento Bee said Williams was restless during the preparations. Another witness, Kim Curtis, a reporter for The Associated Press, said Williams appeared to say, "You doing that right?" as prison staffers searched for a vein. Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez said Williams offered "no resistance," but raised his head several times and looked toward his supporters and the press gallery. Some witnesses said Williams appeared to wince when the needle found its mark. Three of Williams' invited supporters shouted in unison, "The state of California just killed an innocent man," as they exited the gallery after his death. Minutes earlier, reporters said, at least one of the three had given Williams a raised fist salute.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has denied clemency for convicted killer Stanley Tookie Williams, who co-founded the Crips street gang. Schwarzenegger announced the decision Monday shortly after a federal appeals court refused to block Williams' scheduled Tuesday execution. The court made its decision about nine hours before Williams is to receive a lethal injection.

Williams met with his attorneys and family members Monday at San Quentin State Prison, and he "still believes there will be some intervention in this...

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