Zimmerman Lied So Bond Is Revoked; Was He Candid With Account of Trayvon Killing?

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Trayvon Martin would have been well within his rights, especially in Florida with the Stand You Ground law, to stop and defend himself against an individual who was suspiciously following him with a gun.

[Black Star News Editorial] 
Zimmerman, the killer of Trayvon Martin, the 17-year old unarmed
African American shot to death in Sanford, Fl., was ordered to surrender within
48 hours; Zimmerman's $150,000 bond has been revoked. 
Circuit Judge
Kenneth Lester agreed with prosecutors that Zimmerman and his wife,
Shellie, misled the court during his earlier bond hearing when they
didn't reveal he had raised  $135,000 through a website. 
court was led to believe they didn't have a single penny," Prosecutor
Bernie De la Rionda, told The Associated Press. "It was misleading and I
don't know what words to use other than it was a blatant lie." 
Prosecutors also pointed out that Zimmerman had a second passport. 
wife had indicated to the court during the earlier bond hearing that
the family would endure hardship since she was a nursing student;
meaning the family was cash strapped. 
Judge Lester came to the
right decision. Given that Zimmerman has proven that he's even willing
to lie to the court what else about the case has he not been candid
Both Zimmerman and Martin would be alive had Zimmerman not defied the 911 dispatcher who instructed him not to follow Martin. 
in his mind, had already tried and convicted Martin. He had complained,
after making his call to the dispatcher, that the "assholes always get
away" referring to Martin, and presumably the other Black males whom
he'd observed in the past and concluded were suspects as well. Martin's
obvious crime to Zimmerman, it seemed, was walking while Black in that
Sanford, Florida neighborhood. 
Seriously, why would someone who
had just reported observing a suspicious character then follow that
same "suspect" instead of waiting for the police? Zimmerman could not
have known that Martin wasn't armed. 
Zimmerman didn't follow
Martin because he was reckless. He followed Martin because Zimmerman
knew he had a weapon in his possession.  
One could pose the
question another way. Had Zimmerman not been armed, and without knowing
whether Trayvon Martin was armed or not, would he have still followed
the teenager? 
Moreover, there would have been no purpose for
Zimmerman to pursue Martin, without having ready access to the gun in
his possession; it would defeat the whole purpose of having the weapon.
This means it's possible Zimmerman had his hand on the weapon as he
pursued Martin. Otherwise, the weapon would have been of no use to him. 
Martin would have been well within his rights, especially in Florida
with the Stand You Ground law, to stop and defend himself against
someone who was suspiciously following him with a gun. 
There was an encounter. Zimmerman has not claimed Martin attempted to rob him, which might have suggested some motive.  
Martin was within his right to try and preserve his own life when
confronted by someone with a gun. Clearly, he came up short. He will
have his day in court.

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